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How To Make Homemade CBD Edibles! Easy Recipe


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How to Make Homemade CBD Edibles

In this video Ill show you a simple recipe so you can benefit from making your own CBD Edibles at home.

You’ll be able to add CBD to your salads, pasta, smoothies, brownies or just spread it on some toast.

You will only need 5 things

Mixing Spoon
CBD Isolate
Fat of your choice

CBD is fat soluble so you need to dissolve it in a fat so it can be metabolized more effectively.

You can use a variety of oils to suit the foods you want to add CBD to. For example

Any type of butter including vegan butters
Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Fish oil and Ghee and also Coconut Oil.

1. All you need to do is heat your oil/butter on the lowest heat until warmed through.
2. Then add your CBD Isolate.
I’m using 250mg CBD isolate with 250 Grams of Butter.
This way I know I’m getting 10mg CBD with every 10grams of butter.
You can choose how much CBD you want to add.
3. Return to the heat and stir for 5 minutes. This is to allow the CBD to dissolve into the fat.
4. Once dissolved pour into your container and allow to set
5. Voila you can now use this to make your CBD Edibles.

Pros of CBD Edibles

1. Long lasting – Stays in bloodstream for around 6 hours
2. Tasteless – CBD Isolate doesn’t taste of cannabis
3. Easy to use- Its an easy way to add CBD to your daily routine.

Cons of CBD Edibles

1. Long Delivery Time- Takes around an hour to get into the bloodstream
2. Lost CBD – As it goes through the digestive system some of the CBD is lost. If you take 25mg of CBD as an example you may only actually get 15mg
3. No Entourage Effect- CBD has greater benefit when taken with the rest of the cannabis plants cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils. They work in synergy together creating an entourage effect. Using CBD Isolate alone although still effective .. is not as effective as it could be.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you make some tasty CBD Edibles at home then
Let Me Know and Comment Below

Thanks For Watching

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