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How to Pass a Drug Test for Cannabis & Other Drugs



How to Pass a Drug Test for Cannabis & Other Drugs

How to Pass a Drug TestSo you want to learn how to pass a drug test?

Did you know ome libertarians deem mandatory drug testing a violation of civil liberties but the reality is at some point we all might have to take a drug test for one reason or another and have to find out How to Pass a Drug Test.

Fortunately, there is a Solution.

You may need to pass a drug test for your work since certain jobs and careers enforce drug tests as part of the interview process, especially those where you are working in security, heavy machinery and other situations where you are responsible for the health and safety of others.

This how-to guide is aimed to demonstrate the various types of drug tests and how to greatly improve your chances of avoiding embarrassment or worse and to help you in passing your drug test.

Typically there are 4 different types of drug test you’re likely to have to take however some are more common than others. They are as follows;

  • Urine Drug Test
  • Saliva Drug Test
  • Blood Test
  • Hair Follicle Test

Depending on the type of drug test you’re taking you will have to take certain steps to ensure you pass.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

You may be required to take a urine test for employment purposes or in certain circumstances when being arrested or on probation to prove your sobriety. The urine test is common and has been used since 1980 and its use has grown in popularity ever since.

There have been many different suggested methods to cheat a urine test over the years some of which worked but don’t these days with more modern testing techniques and others which were complete myths that range from diluting the urine with water or other liquids to using your pets (note: This won’t work!).

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Powdered Human Urine

Provided you are not being supervised or if you have a sneaky tactic is to use powdered human urine and avoid any synthetic versions which will likely fail one of the modern urine tests that can tell if the liquid is human. Remember a urine test is a biological analysis and so synthetic urine will not work and it also won’t help by adding mixers to your own urine.

Powdered Urine from TestClear is the best rated 100% genuine powdered HUMAN urine we have found online and they come as a recommended supplier of a range of testing and detox products.

With this approach, you must be prepared to take it along to your drug test where you can discreetly pour it into the cup the lab technician or person performing the test provides.

In most urine drug tests you will not be observed when asked to provide a sample of your pee however it is important to make a plan b if they do in fact decide to supervise or stay nearby while you fill the cup. Whether they are watching or just close by listening you need to simulate the real thing.

A urine sample may also be required on a random check basis, in this case, it is good to have the product with you and a strategy in place though for more serious tests in the event of an injury or accident at work a hair sample or blood test may be required instead.

Detox Drinks

Cannabis Detox DrinksIf time is on your side then trying a detox drink is one way that has been shown to help people flush their systems and pass a drug test.

If looking online then you can get Detox drinks from TestClear who have live chat support and very good customer service. If you are in a bit more of a rush then try a local head shop in your area by searching on Google and go and speak to one of the assistants to see what options are available.

Some tips on dealing with local independent head shops that retail detox drinks and similar products is to ensure you avoid certain flag words that might lead them to believe you are an undercover cop.

Head shops are often raided and shut down in the U.K, U.S.A and other countries so avoid mentioning drug tests, probation, cheating on a test, illegal substance and phrases to that effect when asking what is the best detox drink for flushing your system. It’s far better to find out what is the most cleansing and be suggestive without blatant.

High-quality detox drinks do give you a much better chance of passing depending on the drugs taken and the frequency of use. Remember to always buy quality over something that will save you some money and ensure to follow the instructions closely. Then use a home drug test to ensure you are clean ahead of your actual test.

Do Detox Drinks REALLY work?

Essentially yes, detox drinks work most of the time but the chance of success does depend on a few factors.

The first is how much cannabis you smoke and the strength of the cannabis as this can be the difference between having a lot of THC in your system and only having trace amounts in your system. If you have only had a little bit or you smoke occasionally then the chances of this working are much greater.

If you are undergoing a court-ordered drug test then using powdered urine, an artificial penis or someone else’s urine is out of the question as these circumstances nearly always involve the test administrator or officer watching the pee going into the cup and so detoxing is a better option.

Do Your Research

If the drug test is for employment and you know people who work there or you already work there and have workmates then try and coercively ask people what is involved. If you are confident you won’t be watched then powdered urine is guaranteed way to pass and avoid getting busted.

Of course, if you have enough time completely abstaining from any drug use for a duration long enough to clear it from your system is the best option by far.

Common Ways to Cheat a Urine Drug Test

The three main things people consider when trying to cheat on a urine test are dilution, substitution and adulteration.

1) Diluting a Urine Sample

Many people dilute their own urine sample with water to lower the drug content to trace amounts.

While water has the highest chance and makes the most logical sense as it dilutes the sample fairly organically and lowers the total drug content that can be found, however, the latest tests are extremely acute at detecting for THC, CBD and other harder drugs.

The good news is that laboratories do have specific cut-off points where even if the drug is detected it can come back negative for being too low. For it to work though you do need to drink the water to increase the content in your urine and not pour it directly in. Some labs add dye to their tap water or turn off the taps to prevent people tampering with their sample in the bathroom.

2) Substituting Urine Samples

Substituting the urine has the highest success rate but only when it’s done properly and will work consistently if you follow a few steps. Using substituted urine requires you to ensure it remains at the right temperature when you give the sample back. A common trick is to use pocket warmers. If you hand over a sample that is too cold or too hot you can likely expect a re-test.

Whether you are using a concentrate or using urine from a donor you want to ensure they are the same sex and are definitely human and not an animal as that is very easy to detect.

The best option by far is powdered urine which can be purchased on the internet discreetly in packets, avoid synthetic options and only go for powder made from human urine. It’s very easy to use, you mix the sachet of powder with water to form the urine after mixing thoroughly, you just need a plan for how to ensure nobody catches on.

3) Adulterating Urine Sample

Adulteration is both the stupidest and has the lowest success rate and involves adding certain chemicals or household items such s vinegar, eye drops, salt and even bleach. The idea is this will mask the drug content, however, modern testing will quickly flag these samples as being tampered with.

Think about it, these people are scientists and using highly sensitive testing equipment and have access to many samples to compare with to ensure what they are testing is 100% human urine.

Urine Testing Myths

There are a number of myths, fallacies and urban legends that surround passing a drug test. Some are just outdated and no longer work due to modern technological developments and others were just plain old rocket rumours.

Using Animal Urine

No on multiple levels, save yourself the shameless behaviour, modern testing can easily detect whether a urine sample is human or not.

Gender Matters

Ensure the urine you submit is of the same sex to avoid surprises. One man submitted his wifes urine only for the result to come back letting him know he was all clear but must somehow be the first pregnant man.

Using Creatine

Creatine is commonly tested when checking to ensure if urine has been tampered with. It’s a common myth that taking creatine or increasing your intake of red meat to produce creatine naturally will hide the traces of drugs in your urine.

Increasing your metabolism

Another drug test fallacy is that by speeding up your metabolism it will reduce the amount of time it takes for the drugs to flush from your system and help you pass a drug test sooner than you would ordinarily. Increased excercise and a high calorie diet will not make much if any difference to how quickly drugs leave your system.

Best Way to Clear THC & Cannabis from your System?

By far the best way provided you have 30 to 45 days is to abstain from smoking cannabis or taking any form of THC/CBD and increasing your diet with healthy foods high in antioxidants and also step up your exercise regimen which will both speed up the flushing process.

If you have less time then your only options are to partake in a bit of trickery following some of the advice in this article. We would go for the detox programmes and drinks and go for an option suitable to the length of time you have.

With less than 24 hours before your test you may be able to use the strong detox drinks that will allow you to pass a test for 4-6 hours but you will fail if you were to be tested again another 6 hours later.

Other Types of Drug Testing

While most of the time a drug test will involve taking a urine sample sometimes a blood, saliva or hair follicle test may be required. Breathalysers are increasingly being used on the roadside but not for accurate testing as often a blood or urine sample is required after blowing positive.

The main aim of a breathalyser is to give the authorities a method of testing people quickly in public places, specifically to avoid drug drivers as this technique has worked well for prosecuting drunk drivers since its introduction.

To see at home drug testing kits for all drugs including Methamphetamines, Steroids, Opiates, Marijuana, Oxy and even nicotine check out our recommended suppliers Testclear Kits.

Blood Test

Pass your drug blood test Cannabis and MarijunaBlood tests are less common and typically only used for legal reasons and a urine sample comes back inconclusive.
With a blood test there are no powdered alternatives, your only chance of passing the drug test is to quit taking any drugs immediately and begin a detox program. Detox drinks that are high quality are your best bet and you will need a bit of time on your side to help stand a chance of passing.

If you contact the manufacturers of the detox products you are using they will be more than happy to help guide you through using the product and how to increase your chances of passing the test and avoiding jail time.

As I stated above, the detox drinks for drug test are high quality and somewhat expensive. Remember in this game, you get what you pay for and a high quality, well-priced detox program costs much less than court and potential jail time.

Make sure you read and follow the instructions exactly as they are written. Don’t forget to call the customer service reps if you have questions. It’s not a trap and they are very helpful.

Saliva Drug Test

How to pass a saliva drug testRarer than both urine and blood testing saliva swabs may be used on some occasions in the employment world or at security checks for venues by local authorities.

The best preparation for this is keeping a specially formulated mouthwash that can remove drug toxins.

If you have a private locker at work or a bag you take then you could keep this on you at work in case of sudden random drug tests in the workplace.

You can get small bottles or you could refill a small and convenient/discreet bottle to store the mouthwash in while at work and it should work within minutes of use.

You can also purchase your own 6 panel saliva testing kit to test yourself first. This way you can test yourself at home before and after using the mouthwash to check it’s doing the job.

Hair Follicle Test

How to pass a hair folicle drug testWhile hair samples and hair follicle testing is less common than urine testing it has grown in popularity in the workplace.

If a hair sample is required then you can use detox shampoos and treatments.

Remember to follow the instructions very carefully to ensure the product can do what it needs to. This may require several washes and leave it on your hair and scalp for a number of minutes.

Another option is to bleach and re-dye your hair which strips out any life from your hair and any trace of drugs. I personally know several people who have passed by using this technique either on its own or combined with detoxifying shampoos and topical cleansing products. Try a hair testing kit at home to see if you are successful before trying it in the real world if you need peace of mind.

Passing a Drug Test for Marijuana

How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana / Cannabis / WeedWhile weed isn’t considered as strong as other drugs it does linger in your system for longer especially if you are a habitual user and not just recreational. If recreational then the time it takes to clear from your system is considerably shorter.

Since lab testing is expensive most urine tests would be done with store type drug tests and unsupervised which means it can easily be fooled with real human powdered urine so we recommend taking that approach so you can continue smoking or vaping and stop freaking out!

The other advantage is this way it doesn’t matter if you have less than a week or even 24 hours until the test. Keep some powdered urine handy and you will be prepared.

Keep in mind they are likely to be looking specifically for THC not CBD.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System

Different drugs stay in your system for different lengths of time however other factors such as how often you have used the drugs and the strength of the drugs will also have an impact. Also people are different and depending on your body mass and other factors even scientists may not understand can also have an affect.

Alcohol: Urine = 3-5 days, Blood = 12 hours, Saliva = 1-5 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
Amphetamines: Urine = 1-4 days, Blood = 12 hours, Saliva = 1-5 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
Cannabis: Urine = 2-90 days, Blood = 2 days, Saliva = 1-10 days, Hair = 90-120 days.
Cocaine: Urine = 2-30 days, Blood = 1-2 days, Saliva = 1-10 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
Heroin: Urine = 2-4 days, Blood = 12 hours, Saliva = 1-4 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
LSD: Urine = 1-3 days, Blood = 3 hours, Saliva = 1-2 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
MDMA/Ecstacy/Mandy: Urine = 2-5 days, Blood = 1-2 days, Saliva = 1-5 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.
Methadone: Urine = 3-12 days, Blood = 24-36 hours, Saliva = 1-10 days, Hair = as much as 90 days.

How to Pass a Drug Test: Conclusion

Passing a drug test for a jobIn Conclusion the best way to pass a drug test is to do so naturally by abstaining and detoxing through a healthy diet and excercise.
If you have less time on your hands then you can speed up the detox process with a detox program and detox drinks etc.
If you are extremely short on time i.e less than a week or 24 hours then you can try the one-day detox drinks or you can opt for powdered urine but it does depend on the circumstances of your drug test.
Weed while not even really a drug is the one that lingers in your system the longest especially if you smoke habitually and you have to be a complete idiot to be caught for cocaine since it only stays in your system 24 hours unless you are a heavy user.

Bonus: Cannabis Drug Testing Infographic

Check out the infographic below which shows the different drug testing techniques that are currently in practice for Cannabis.

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