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IndicaOnline Now Offering On-Demand Cannabis Delivery



“Dynamic Delivery” allows drivers to fulfill orders on-the-go, reducing delivery time for consumers
while allowing retailers to keep the revenue

“How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service”  Guide Now Available

LOS ANGELES, October 20, 2020 /Canna Newswire/- IndicaOnline, a point-of-sale (POS) software platform used by cannabis dispensaries and delivery services, has launched Dynamic Delivery, a new service that facilitates on-demand delivery of orders based on a driver’s available inventory and location. This “ice cream truck” model allows drivers to fulfill orders on-the-go instead of returning to the dispensary or hub to pick up a new set of orders. The company also released today a free how-to guide on how to start a cannabis delivery service, available here.

“Covid forced delivery on a lot of dispensaries as one of the only ways to generate revenue, but outsourcing this function can be costly,” said Ivan Suslov, Chief Operating Officer of IndicaOnline. “Thirty to forty percent of all cannabis orders are generated online. Dynamic Delivery simplifies delivery so that dispensaries can hire more drivers, serve more customers and keep the revenue in-house.”

Dynamic Delivery is a new feature added to the IndicaOnline mobile app used by dispensaries and delivery services to manage POS operations. Seamless to both the retailer and the end user, cannabis orders placed through participating e-commerce sites are automatically added to the nearest driver’s order queue, and accessed through the new IndicaOnline Driver app, available for iOS and Android devices.

RFID scanning technology increases efficiencies in delivery 

IndicaOnline recently added support for RFID bulk scanning and inventory tracking using hardware from Zebra. Drivers receive a secure bag of inventory at the beginning of each shift, and the entire inventory is scanned and recorded at once, so the driver and the customer both know exactly what inventory is available at all times, and the software can keep track of what is in the vehicle and report back to the State.

“This capability is unmatched in the industry,” added Suslov. “No one else is doing this.”

Geo-targeting for efficient sales, marketing, navigation and state compliance reporting

IndicaOnline provides dispensaries with tools to analyze sales by region and zip code to improve geo-targeted marketing and to supply drivers with products that are most popular with customers in their delivery zones. The software monitors the driver’s inventory and ensures courier bags do not go over the legal limit, which is $3,000 in states like California and Colorado. It also logs the driver’s turn by turn navigation, which is required in California, as the state demands total transparency and must know where drivers are at all times. 

“We’ve used IndicaOnline for our POS and e-commerce needs for a long time and they have never disappointed,” said Will Senn, founder of Urbn Leaf. “With the addition of dynamic delivery, now we can automate the process of getting orders to drivers and free up dispatch, ultimately enabling us to fulfill more orders faster and more efficiently.  In today’s Covid-landscape, we want to eliminate as many touch points as possible, and maintain a safe customer experience. Now our customers can get great products they can trust, without the long wait times that generally come with delivery.” 

IndicaOnline’s software platform is integrated with common email and SMS services, which is beneficial for sending out promotional offers and delivery status notifications as well as for confirming orders.

E-commerce powered by Potify

IndicaOnline also operates Potify.net, an e-commerce platform and digital storefront that syncs directly to its POS software to reflect the current available inventory. All IndicaOnline dispensary customers receive a free Potify page that seamlessly connects to their website and takes incoming orders.

With Dynamic Delivery, all orders placed through Potify are sent directly to the new Driver app and accessed by the driver closest to the customer’s location. This frees up Dispatch, which is also taking orders by phone and from Weedmaps. 

“The bottleneck that occurs in dispatch is a big problem that needs to be solved,” added Suslov. “Our customers average anywhere from 50 to 5,000 delivery orders in one day. On the busiest days, dispatch becomes overwhelmed and that presents a strain on everyone in the supply chain. Removing that step altogether, as well as the return trip to a hub between orders, will save them a significant amount of time and money. Dynamic Delivery is a solution to our industry’s growing pains.”

Leading cannabis tech into the future

As the industry leader, IndicaOnline’s technology continues to get smarter with each order that is processed. The company boasts thousands of retailers of legal cannabis in the US and Canada as customers, and with state regulation compliance requirements integrated into the platform, IndicaOnline is well positioned to support dispensaries and delivery services in new states that pass legislation to support recreational and medical use.  

“Every cannabis business has hundreds of legal hoops to jump through on a daily basis – we take the worry out of processing orders and reporting to state agencies once they are up and running,” added Suslov.  

Dynamic Delivery Features

  • On-Demand Delivery Orders: Delivery orders are sent directly to the Driver app based on order location.
  • Service Multiple Delivery Zones: Drivers can service different delivery zones to reduce wait times.
  • Multi-stop Route Mapping: Integrates with any navigation app and allows drivers to accept a new delivery with one tap.
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Dispatch has full visibility into the onboard inventory to see what products have been sold and what remains.
  • Smartphone Order Fulfillment: Drivers will be able to fulfill the order directly from the mobile Driver application. 
  • Automated Order Dispatching: When a customer orders from the e-commerce site (Potify), it is automatically added to the driver’s order queue.
  • Compliant Discrepancy Write Offs: Any inventory discrepancies that occur during delivery or at the end of a shift can be reported using the compliant reason.
  • RFID Inventory Scanning: Bulk scan products to add them back to storage or to the courier bag.
  • Inventory Value Tracker: Track the value of inventory in courier bags to avoid going over legal limits. (i.e., $3,000 per driver in California)
  • Bulk Inventory Transfers: Transfer multiple products simultaneously back to storage.
  • Transfer Bags Easily Between Drivers: Easily re-assign a bag to a new driver during shift changes or car trouble.

To learn more about Dynamic Delivery and other programs available for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services, contact micah.a@indicaonline.com.

About IndicaOnline

Indica Online offers point-of-sale (POS) software for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services, including customer order management, delivery/fleet management, RFID inventory scanning and  tracking, automated state reporting, integrated SMS and email marketing and notifications, analytics and digital menus among many other functions.  IndicaOnline also operates Potify.net, an e-commerce platform that syncs directly to its  POS software to reflect the current available inventory. IndicaOnline offers all of its POS customers a free, white-labeled ecommerce site through Potify. Based in Hollywood, California, the company was founded in 2011 and works with cannabis dispensaries and delivery services across the U.S. and Canada. For more information visit www.indicaonline.com.

Press kit: http://bit.ly/IndicaOnlinePressKit 

White paper: https://indicaonline.com/how-to-start-a-cannabis-delivery-service/  

Blog: https://indicaonline.com/blog 

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