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Is Cannabis Legal in the UK? UK Weed & CBD Laws Explained | Legal Weed UK | England Weed Laws


Is Cannabis Legal in the UK?

UK Cannabis Laws Explained – Cannabis legalization in UK. We explain the marijuana laws in the United Kingdom with Solicitors from Mackrell. What are the CBD laws compared to the marijuana laws in the UK? We discuss the UK medical cannabis legal framework.

Elliott Rolfe and Nick Earles from Mackrell.Solicitors join us to discuss cannabis in the UK. The UK does have a medical program but you’ll be surprised (or maybe not) to find out how many people are actually patients under the program. We also discuss the cannabis culture in the UK and find out where the term “skunk” comes from.

Check out Elliott Rolfe and Nick Earles at Mackrell.Solicitors by searching “Mackrell.Solicitors” on Google. Legal Weed UK | England Weed Laws

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0:55 – What is Mackrell.Solicitors?
5:25 – Is cannabis legal in the UK?
8:50 – Does the UK have flower?
12:30 – Cannabis prejudice in the UK
15:50 – What’s the history of cannabis in the UK?
16:50 – How popular is cannabis in the UK?
17:07 – What’s the cannabis culture like in the UK?
24:20 – What happens if you get caught with cannabis in the UK?
26:15 – How can you get a growers license in the UK?
29:08 – Does the UK have any cannabis movements currently?
33:30 – The stoner trope in the UK
35:58 – What’s the weed called in the UK?
39:10 – Why does cannabis smell like skunk?
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