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Is Texas Ready for Medical Marijuana?


Nov. 12, 2014

A discussion of the therapeutic promise and legislative possibility for medical marijuana in Texas featuring an experienced legal grower and dispensary operator from New Mexico, a physician, a Baker Institute drug policy expert, a veteran Texas legislator, and current user and non-user advocates and activists.

0:00 Introduction, William Martin, Director, Baker Institute Drug Policy Program

5:10 Leslie Grady McAhren, Researcher, grower, dispensary operator, New Mexico. Variation among states with medical cannabis programs

22:07 Terri Carriker, Embrace Moms, mother of child with epilepsy

32:20 Neeraj Shah, M.D. The endocannabinoid system

50:50 AmyLou Fawell, Mothers Advocating Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA)

1:00:00 Katharine Neill, PhD. Baker Institute Drug Policy Program. Political climate for cannabis legislation

1:12:30. Vincent Lopez, Director of Patient Outreach, Texas NORML; Founder, Patient Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics (PACT).

1:26:43 Elliott Naishtat, Texas State Representative, District 49. Assessment of prospects for medicinal cannabis legislation in the 2015 session of the Texas Legislature.

1:44:20 Jeronimo Saldaña. Drug Policy Alliance, movement organizer and coordinator



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