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Jennifer Rychlick – What Makes the Body Sick and What Makes the Body Tick?


In this episode, Jack talks with Longevity Health Coach and Founder of SheFlower Therapeutics, Jennifer Rychlick about how she helps women enhance and empower the mind and body through natural remedies.

At the young age of thirty-eight and a single mother of three, Jennifer faced a life-threatening battle with ovarian cancer. Describing the experience as her big “Wake Up Call” to “This One Life,” she found a deep passion to understand why there is so much suffering in health and wellness.

Listen in as Jennifer shares the easy and pleasurable solutions that she has developed on her journey to discover what makes the body sick and what makes the body tick.

Known as Coach Ms.Mindful, Jennifer’s unique way of seeing the body as a system and combining mindset, movement, and natural remedies to achieve balance and harmony within the mind and body have been called game-changing and to many, even life-saving.

To learn more about Coach Ms.Mindful Jennifer Rychlick, visit https://SheFlower.com

Listen to the full episode at: https://influencersradio.com/jennifer-rychlick/



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