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Joe's Experiments with CBD Flower Part 1


I want you to tell you about Joe. Joe started buying CBD flower from us In 2019 to help him relieve symptoms from his cancer & ulcerative colitis. He found that there weren’t many options available in his home state of Montana for high CBD, low THC strains.

Joe reached out to me and I asked him to help us test various strains and combinations of cannabinoids. He could get THC flower from his dispensary and then CBD flower and CBG flower from us.

In this video, Joe talks about his experience with different blends for different symptoms. This video is not intended to provide or supplement any medical advice. It’s simply the experience of one guy who’s trying to help others find relief with minimal side effects.

I hope you find this video informative. If you know someone suffering from cancer and would like to try out different strains. Please have them contact us at hi@tryplainjane.com

Our goal as always is to provide the best hemp flower at the most affordable prices. CBD isn’t a luxury good. Let’s start expanding our education and knowledge.



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