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Juicing Raw Cannabis for Highest Health Benefit


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you the best way to use cannabis for the highest health benefit: Juice it to get the most cannabinoids into your system.

In this episode John will return to North Coast Naturals, a Clean Green Certified Medicinal Cannabis Farm to harvest fresh cannabis leaves that would normally be composted or thrown away to get the maximum nutrition out of them.

You will discover how you can extract the juice from your trimmings and clippings from your plants instead of simply discarding them to increase your energy, increase your health and more importantly get the highest level of Cannabinoids including THC and CBD into your body. You will discover how you will NOT get high from juicing and eating them raw. John will come clean with his cannabis use and how he enjoys this truly beneficial plant.

You will also learn why you you should never JUICE cannabis leaves off some farmers plants and how to grow plants that will maximize their medicinal properties. You will also learn so much more about medicinal cannabis and why juicing is so beneficial.

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