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Kevin Jodrey: Resurrecting "Golden Age" Cannabis Lines – Part 1 / Ganjier


Venerated cultivator, breeder and Ganjier instructor Kevin Jodrey explains the impetus behind his Skunk Resurrection Project: the global quest to locate once popular genetic lines and cultivars from what he terms the “Golden Age of Cannabis” 1980 -1990, when stunning varieties – not landrace, but cultivars specifically selected for distinctive traits – arrived from overseas locales steeped in thousands of years of cannabis culture, and his efforts and motivations to revive the flavor, tone and chemotypes found mainly in Skunk lines from that era.

To learn more about the finer points of genetics, breeding and the enjoyment of connoisseur cultivars from legendary figures like Kevin Jodrey Mel Frank, Frenchy Cannoli and others, check out https://www.ganjier.com

Ganjier is a first-of-its-kind, rigorous, multi-tiered cannabis trade certification, created and taught by the most respected names in the field with the intent of producing an entirely new class of cannabis professional — the cannabis sommelier.

Kevin Jodrey is the mastermind behind the original Ganjier concept. He is the Founder of Port Royal genetics and has judged such prestigious cannabis competitions as Emerald Cup and Golden Tarp.

Discover more at https://www.ganjier.com

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