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Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm in World (Canna Cribs Episode 4: Los Sueños Farms)


Canna Cribs: Episode 4 – Los Sueños Farms, the largest outdoor cannabis farm in the world, filmed on location in Pueblo, Colorado.

Los Sueños Farms LLC is the owner of 36 acres of rich farmland in Pueblo County, Colorado, an area that is quickly gaining recognition for being the future of the cannabis industry. They believe in organic farming methods, while remaining environmentally conscious.

Los Sueños Farms lets mother nature take control, using native insects and weather conditions to produce healthy, pesticide free, sun-grown cannabis. Beneficial insects and intense solar radiation allow them to keep their outdoor crop pesticide free, and they believe in using the least invasive agricultural practices possible, ensuring a healthy and sustainable farm.
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– Machine Trimmer by Twister – 14:07
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Table of Contents:

Intro – 00:34

Interview with Jarrod Mason – 01:09

Genetics/Propagation – 03:43
Clonex (HDI) – 05:49

Vegetation – 06:18
Agra Tech Insulator Greenhouse – 06:25

-Promix – 07:01

-Link4 iGrow 1800 Greenhouse Controller – 09:47
-Gavita Pro 1000W E-Series DE Complete Fixture- 10:39

Flowering – 11:28
-Netafim Drip Tape – 12:04
-Dosatron 14 GPM Nutrient Injection System – 12:50

Trimming – 14:04
-Twister Machine Trimmer – 14:07
-Mother Bucker by Much Machine – 15:35

Curing – 17:10
-Link4 Sensor – 17:19

Packaging – 18:50
-Greif Fibre Drum – 19:06
-Cannabis Cargo Grower Bags – 19:46

Processing – 21:22
-Apeks Supercritical – 22:25
-Across International – 24:07
-Crativ Child Resistant Packaging – 25:16

Dispensary – 25:47

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