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Learn How Automation Creates Jobs And How Christy McAdams Helps Deal The Charge In Cannabis Staffing


About The Industry Born Podcast:
The Industry Born Podcast is one of GreenBroz newest ventures in educating our industry. Please join us to listen and learn from Cullen Raichart and guests as he gives an inside peek into running one of the most successful cannabis ancillary manufacturing companies.

About This Episode
Season 1 Episode 5 – Christy McAdams | Christy is a serial entrepreneur that has been focused on the marijuana industry since 2013 and she is currently expanding her cannabis staffing agency and educational platform into legal markets across the United States. She recently co-founded the Global Cannabis Industry Networking Group and is excited to bring the worldwide voices of the cannabis industry together on one platform for the increased knowledge and further advancement of all things cannabis-related.

In this extra-long episode Christy, Lance, and Cullen dive deep into the business of staffing companies in this booming cannabis industry. While the trio sips (Lance on the bubbly water) their way to a very fun and funny conversation, tons of great information about getting your first job in the cannabis industry is afoot. Come join the fun, sit back grab a toke and enjoy this episode!

About GreenBroz:
GreenBroz is a Las Vegas-based manufacturing facility that produces some of the most innovative and groundbreaking industry-born cannabis processing machines. Everything from a trimmer that produces hand-trimmed quality buds, to a tumbling box that extracts residual kief leftover in the trim bins below.

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