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Lemonhead OG Cannabis Strain >> Ultimate Guide & Review



If you’re a fan of sour candy, you’ll be Lemonhead OG’s biggest fan. This sweet and sour bud is a pungent, hard-hitting strain that’s not going to leave you wanting. The head high hits quickly, keeping you buzzing for hours, while the mild body high keeps you grounded. The result is a fun, energetic strain that’s perfect for the daytime into the early evening. 

Lemonhead OG is a Kush cut that’s impressive all on its own. You’ll sometimes see it called the sour lemonhead strain. Royal Choice Farms chose it for its bright, fun flavor that’s matched only by its energetic feelings. The result is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain that tests at 22% THC on average. It’s the key to the intense, long-lasting high that you’re looking for as an experienced user. 

Of course, Lemonhead weed has some therapeutic benefits as well. This high-powered strain can cut through symptoms of chronic pain and illness that nothing else can touch. Depression and anxiety are no match for this strain’s powerful euphoric buzz. When nothing else fits the bill, this sour OG is a reliable source of relief.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
70% / 30% 10-14 ounces per square yard 16 ounces per plant 8-9 weeks indoors, early October outdoors.

Information about Lemonhehad OG:

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Information about Lemonhead OG:

ORIGIN Royal Choice Farms
EFFECTS energetic and giggly
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) anxiousness, paranoia
FRAGRANCE lemon scent that’s matched by sweet, earthy undertones
FLAVORS citrus and mint
MEDICAL depression, PTSD and OCD
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30% / 70%
INDOOR YIELD 10-14 ounces per square yard
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces per plant
CLIMATE mediterranean


Strain effects

Lemonhead is just as eager to get going as you are, so it wastes no time. The head high kicks in within minutes of your first toke. Smiles and laughter follow as the euphoria takes hold, leaving users feeling energetic, giggly, and ready to go. The head high is moderately focused but not overwhelming, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. Users tend to feel alert, interested, and ready to go, but not overstimulated. 

The body high is relatively mild, following after the head buzz. It’s a tingly, warm, and fuzzy experience that trickles throughout the body after the user has been hit with the head high. The result is a loose and easy feeling that helps users feel ready for anything for the hours that this strain’s buzz will last. 


Just like the sour candy, Lemonhead OG weed is a lemony, bright experience. You’ll notice an intense lemon scent that’s matched by sweet, earthy undertones. There’s also just a hint of mint that brightens the smell.


Lemonhead OG’s flavor is truly delicious, with citrus and sweet tastes combining into a tangy, tasty experience. There’s a much stronger mint flavor than the scent suggests, leaving your lungs feeling expanded and ready for action after every puff. 

Adverse reactions

Lemonhead OG may be a delicious and entertaining smoke, but it’s smart to pace yourself. Adverse reactions to this strain are usually the result of underestimating its power. Moderating your use will help you keep your day comfortably buzzy without getting overwhelmed. 

New users should be careful because of this strain’s intense THC levels. People have reported feeling anxious or paranoid after enjoying too much of this strain because of how energetic it is. Some users also reported minor nausea for the same reason. 

As long as you’re pacing yourself, the only thing to worry about with Lemonhead OG weed is cottonmouth and dry eyes. Keeping a glass of water nearby will help keep you hydrated and ready for anything.


The Lemonhead weed strain is an excellent recreational strain, but there are also therapeutic benefits. The energetic, euphoric head high is the perfect choice for people living with depression. It leads to happier thoughts replacing dark moods and the motivation to do more fun activities. Lemonhead OG can help users handle anything from daily worries to long-lasting struggles, making everything a little easier to handle. 

People with PTSD and OCD also appreciate this sour lemonhead strain.  It helps break the chain of repetitive, distressing thoughts that characterize these problems, distracting users with better things. The result is that dark and distressing moods are left in the dust as users find themselves with the urge to do fun and exciting activities. Day-to-day problems and chronic stress see similar results, with users eager to work on their hobbies instead. 

Lemonhead OG weed is also helpful with muscle tension, which for many, is the main sign of chronic stress pain. Lemonhead’s gentle body buzz helps wipe away pain and reduce inflammation. Many people report being able to live pain-free because of the Lemonhead OG cannabis strain. 

We don’t currently sell Lemonhead OG seeds. Check out other Sativa dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.


Growing weed Strain

The Lemonhead OG cannabis strain may take a little preparation to grow, but it’s completely worth it. It can be quite tall, so it’s best grown in rooms with plenty of vertical space. The actual growing is simple – just give these plants enough room and enough light, and they’ll spring up in no time. The sativa heritage leads to tall but narrow plants, so some training might be required to maximize your harvest.

Indoors, these plants can reach six to seven feet, while outside, they can break eight feet. Because of this, training the plants through topping or low-stress Screen of Green growing methods can be useful. This spreads out the plant, exposing more of it to light. The result is a better yield and more impressive nugs. 

One thing to watch out for when growing Lemonhead OG plants is their nitrogen levels. These plants can grow so quickly that they exhaust the nutrients in the soil. Monitor the plants to make sure the foliage looks good, and you’re going to guarantee yourself a killer Lemonhead harvest in no time at all.

Flowering Time


If you give your Lemonhead OG weed enough room, it will provide impressive indoor yields. Look for 10-14 ounces per square yard indoors. Harvests are typically ready in eight to nine weeks with good lighting and nutrition. 


Northern hemisphere growers should expect their Lemonhead OG harvest in early October. These plants need lots of light, so they’re best cultivated in Mediterranean climates. In the right conditions, they’ll grow to 9 feet outside and provide yields of 16 ounces per plant.


  1. Royal Choice Farms

FAQ About Lemonhead OG Strain

What is the Lemonhead OG strain yield?

Lemonhead OG yields 10-14 ounces per square yard indoors and 16 ounces per plant outdoor.

How much THC does Lemonhead have?

Up to 22%

What are the origins of the Lemonhead strain?

Lemonhead OG was created by Royal Choice Farms.


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