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Libery Haze Cannabis Strain Review >>> Origin, Effects, Yield & More!



Although a hybrid, you will notice the sativa in the Liberty Haze weed strain. Its parent strains are the famous Chemdawg and G13. Its original breeder was Barney’s Farm. This social smoke won’t leave you couch-locked, and you’re guaranteed to end up in a better mood, so enjoy this smoke during the day for the best effects.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50%/50% 21 ounces more than 600 g 8-9 weeks indoors, beginning of October outdoors

The more Liberty Haze strain info you find out, the more appealing it becomes. For example, its THC content can range between 17% at the lowest to a whopping 29% at its highest. It’s a powerful experience, but only in the best way. Liberty Haze’s head-focused high is part of why it won the Best Strain in the High Times Cannabis Cup (2011).

Information about Liberty Haze:

The effects of this strain are often the focus of any Liberty Haze strain review. However, many have found therapeutic uses for it, including pain relief. This potent strain may smell like an indica and feel like a sativa, but you’ll recognize it as “excellent weed.”

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Information about Liberty Haze Strain:

ORIGIN Chemdawg and G13
FRAGRANCE Earthy, lemon, lime,
FLAVORS Citrusy, herbal, fruity, earthy, sweet, spicy
THC CONTENT % 17-29%
INDICA / SATIVA % 50%/50%
INDOOR YIELD 21 ounces
OUTDOOR YIELD more than 600 grams

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


The first thing to know about this strain is – do not smoke it in the evening. Not only does the high lasts a while, but it also is very focused. If you smoke it late in the evening, you may find it difficult to calm down and fall asleep. The head high causes people to be extra aware of their surroundings, which is not always good when it is time to sleep.

Instead, use this extra focus to do something. Maybe it’s time to go hang out with some friends. Perhaps you could be productive at home. Maybe there are some other tasks that you lacked the motivation to do until now. Liberty Haze is not a lazy strain, and the effects last a long time. This effect applies to both new and frequent users.

Liberty Haze Strain Effects
Liberty Haze Strain Effects

Even though this strain will not calm you down in a lazy, couch-locking kind of way, it can help with symptoms of anxiety or depression. The focus will be pleasant, and you’re free to go about your day. Some people use it for chronic pain, while others use it to manage focus issues. However you enjoy Liberty Haze, you will feel its effects.


The smell of some marijuana strains can be a distraction to those around them. This strain is not the same. The aroma of Liberty Haze often draws people in, making them curious to identify its source. With a pleasing combination of earthiness and lemon or lime, it smells like a happy summer day. The Liberty Haze strain somehow smells both like sweetness and coolness at the same time, adding to the chill, happy, social feelings that come with it.

When I first tried to smoke Liberty Haze, I got really pumped up – my mental focus and alertness were unbelievable! We currently don’t sell Liberty Haze seeds, but you’ll find similar seeds in our online seed bank.

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The flavors match the fragrance of the Liberty Haze strain. After being drawn in by the pleasing aroma, your mouth will focus on the taste.  With every inhale, the citrusy, herbal flavors fill your palate. Fruitiness and earthiness intertwine uniquely, causing a pleasant experience that most people remember.

Unlike indica strains, this hybrid has a crowd-pleasing sweetness that isn’t too little or too much. Lemon and lime, herbs and earth, and a hint of spice characterize this delightful flavor.

Adverse Reactions

For the unprepared, the sudden hyper-awareness of your surroundings might be a little unsettling. Although this strain is long-lasting, the hyper-focus should wear off after a short while. However, if you are prone to paranoia, you may want to smoke this strain in the company of close friends.

Liberty Haze Adverse Reactions
Liberty Haze Adverse Reactions

It isn’t uncommon to have a bit of “cotton mouth” from smoking this strain, so have some water on hand just in case. There is also the chance it may make you sleepy, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your reasons for smoking it in the first place. If you smoke this strain before bed, you might have issues. Although this strain can relax the body, it can do the opposite for the mind. You’ll be having deep thoughts on everything you have never thought about when you are trying to fall asleep. This strain is potent, so use it wisely!

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Barney’s Farm created these seeds, and at the moment, they are where you must go to purchase them.  The seeds are relatively easy to grow either indoors or outdoors. However, these seeds will not thrive in every climate. For the best results, grow this strain in warmer, non-tropical climates such as Southern or Southwestern Australia, the coasts of California, or the Mediterranean.

Growing Liberty Haze Strain
Growing Liberty Haze Strain

If you intend to grow these indoors, have scissors handy. Liberty Haze marijuana plants grow an average height, but their width can become monstrous if you let them grow without keeping them trimmed. A Sea of Green growing method can help keep your plants from growing too tall. You should plan to prune relatively early in the plants’ growing phase. Once the stary flowering, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

While it grows, you’ll enjoy Liberty Haze’s beautiful foliage. The leaves are gorgeous, with reddish-orange pistils and sticky buds covered in trichomes. They aren’t dense and sticky like some indicas, but that says nothing about their potency – the Liberty Haze weed strain can pack a punch, even if the buds don’t look like it. It also delivers plenty of them. Liberty Haze yields can reach 21 ounces (600grams) either indoors or outdoors.

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Liberty Haze plants need plenty of space. If you grow these plants indoors, plan appropriately. With a controlled environment, indoor plants can produce up to 21 ounces. Harvest your buds in 8 to 9 weeks.


Liberty Haze plants are easiest to grow outdoors, where you will not need to trim them. If you live in a Mediterranean climate, simply provide your plants with plenty of sunlight and protect them from excessive moisture. Most plants are ready for harvest by the beginning of October. Under the right conditions, a single plant can produce more than 600 grams of marijuana.

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  1. Chemdawg
  2. G13

FAQ About Liberty Haze Strain

What is the Liberty Haze strain yield?

Liberty Haze yields 21 ounces indoors and more than 600 grams outdoors.

How much THC does Liberty Haze have?

It contains 17-29% THC.

What are the origins of the Liberty Haze strain?

Liberty Haze was created from a mix between Chemdawg and G13.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Liberty Haze? Tell me about your favorite marijuana strain to grow in the comments below.

Happy growing!



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