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Marijuana Stock News / 2020 Market Correction / (Aurora Cannabis, IIPR) / The Wede Show


In this video i’ll discuss the latest Marijuana / Cannabis stock market news as well as address the current stock market correction and how to handle the decline in share prices.

The Marijuana industry hasn’t experienced many changes these past few weeks so basically just sit tight on your current investments and keep an eye out for a buying opportunity.

The latest market correction has caused many investors to panic and sell their stocks. DO NOT panic and sell your stocks just because we’re experiencing a decline. This is all part of normal, healthy business cycle. Take this opportunity to buy shares in good companies that you believe in, while they’re sitting at a discount. All will return to normal in a few weeks – months. Worst case scenario it takes a year or two, but that is unlikely. You will see a return on your investments if you continue to hold your existing shares and buy new ones regularly. Nobody ever makes a profit when they sell during a decline.

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Please remember that i am not a financial advisor. I make these videos for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your own investment decisions. Please do your own research and use your best judgement before investing.


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