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Medical Marijuana in Pregnancy: Treating Morning Sickness, Long Term Concerns, and Historical Uses


Medical marijuana use in pregnancy has been controversial mainly because it has been considered only in the view of drug abuse and not medical use. Currently it is not recommended that marijuana is used during pregnancy. Research regarding prenatal exposure to cannabis have been varied. Many older studies showing that prenatal exposure could have effects on neurological development have been discounted due to bias, lack of correlation, and “bad science”. Research of women who use cannabis medicinally in Jamaica shows positive outcomes in both women and babies exposed to cannabinoids. Cannabis has been used historically in pregnancy, labor, lactation, and childbirth, as well as to treat morning sickness. Pharmaceuticals used to treat morning sickness are associated with fetal abnormalities and congenital heart diseases. Cannabis use is not associated with fetal abnormalities or birth defects in any way across a variety of studies.

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Disclaimer: This video gives information about medical marijuana as demonstrated through scientific study and reported by doctors and patients. This content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment.
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