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Medical Marijuana Patient and Advocate Jason Lauve


Cannabis Health News Magazine publisher and medical marijuana patient / advocate Jason Lauve discovers at 2010 Patients Out of Time Conference how cannabidiol (CBD) is the cannabinoid that works best for him.

Since becoming a medical marijuana patient, after consuming ‘large amounts of cannabis’ he no longer has to take any other form of medicine and now has a better quality of life than before his accident.
Transcript to follow:
My name is Jason Lauve I’m from Boulder Colorado. I have been a medical marijuana patient for about 5 years now. I use cannabis for my pain and muscle spasms. I found that about 2 years after my accident, being on heavy narcotics, opiates of all sorts. I was on Tramadol, Neurontin, Vicodin, and Oxycodone, the list goes on and on. Over that period of time I felt that I lost who I was. I was depressed, extremely anxious, I was angry at everything, and really just didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t perform well at work. And so my life wasn’t really wasn’t where it should have been. Quality of life was unacceptable really to me, and my family, my friends around me. I found that cannabis really made a huge difference for me. My neurologist and I had long conversation about 2 years in, after my accident. And he suggested I try cannabis. And so I started to ingest large amounts of cannabis, large amounts according to the law enforcement later on down the road. But that started to make a huge difference. I was able to decrease my opiate intake, and all the other pharmaceuticals, my stomach felt better, I felt clearer in my head, I was able to think, I started to perform better at work, my appraisals at work got better. And so actually just recently I’ve stopped taking all of my pain medications. I’m off of Oxycodone, off of Vicodin, off of Tramadol, off of my Neurontin, I don’t use the patches I used to use, so on and so forth. These last few weeks have been phenomenal for me. I feel like I am clearer in my head. I feel like I can move around more, the pain sucks, the muscle spasticity is being mitigated by the cannabis. I do feel better, I can function, but I feel like I am able to have a quality of life, which is absolutely fantastic. I know it sounds weird, but it almost seems that it is better now than before my accident. I think it is just because that I have learned to live with cannabis as my pain mitigator. And it also helps me get to sleep, which is a big deal, with muscle spasms trough the night, normally can ‘t sleep with that. But it’s really worked out for me over the last three years. And so for the last three years I’ve still tried to figure out what works. Specifically, what was really exciting for me at this conference is however, that we see data now that proves that CBD’s are very valuable as a cannabinoid. And that THC, we all know has some value to it medicinally, but it’s not the predominate cannabinoid that I need for myself at least. And so this is just reinforcing my own experience, my own anecdotal data if you will.



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