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Medicinal Cannabis With Arno Hazekamp


Arno Hazekamp, PhD. Arno is a full time cannabis researcher with a deep understanding of biochemistry, a wide overview of the cannabis industry, and a long track record.

Since 2001, he’s been a key researcher within the Dutch medicinal cannabis program, one of the first legal programs in the world.
As a trained biochemist specialised in medicinal plants, his main understanding of the cannabis plant is from a perspective of its chemistry. He asks questions like: what active compounds are present in different cannabis varieties, and how can they be developed into safe and useful products that comply with the standards of modern medicine, while also addressing the needs and preferences of patients.

He describes himself as a cannabis “myth buster”, helping to separate fact from fiction about cannabis through research.
He clearly recognises the promising medical potential of the plant, but does not see it as a miracle cure for all. As a scientist, educator and consultant, you frequently hear him raise questions about things like scientific proof, safety, and quality.

His goal is to learn when cannabis medicine really works, and when it is smarter to choose other treatments, so that cannabis can find its proper place among other medicines.

In this episode you will learn:

– How Arno first got involved in researching medicinal cannabis almost 20 years ago.

– What cannabinoids and the effects of cannabis on the brain.

– How the body metabolises cannabis and effects on the body.

– What THC and CBD are plus other compounds of the plant.

– What the medicinal benefits of cannabis are.

What the different strains of cannabis are and how they effect the mind and body.

– All about the results and data from patient-inspired research and Arno’s 20 years of scientific research.

– How cannabis products are developed and how they can be kept safe.

– Why standardisation is so important for safety.

– How we can better educate ourselves on cannabis and separate fact from fiction.

– The future of cannabis as medicine.

– Plus much much more.

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