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Mike Robinson’s Massive CBD Giveaway has Given Away More than TEN Million Milligrams and Keeps on Going



JEFFERSON, Mass. – June 29, 2020 /Canna Newswire/ – Mike Robinson, a well-known name in Compassion care, has been formulating and giving away “Compassion Care” cannabis products for more than a decade. His compassion programs have focused on individuals with unusual issues or disabilities that need very specific formulations and either cannot afford or cannot find… outside of Mike’s hand-crafted solutions.

The limit that Mike and all compassion care providers eventually reach is their personal ability to finance a compassionate care campaign. The products, bottling, packaging, and even the postage quickly add up. Even helping a few dozen individuals can cost thousands of dollars. The process soon becomes overwhelming. Yet, in the wake of the opioid crisis doctors are cutting off access to painkilling medications. Add to that the crushing pressure and anxiety brought on by COVID-19, and the loss of jobs to pay for medication.

Earlier this year Mike Robinson wrote a blog to plead to doctors to remember the pain of their patients, pain that the mainstream healthcare system created. “I have just one request to doctors”, wrote Mr. Robinson. “Take responsibility and make sure those that have become addicted to drugs you prescribed are able to wean safely off them.” Patients with long-term pain issues have been cut off from medication, without alternatives. It is in this environment that Mike came up with the idea of the Million Milligram giveaway. He would work with a lifetime of connections to get donations and subsidies to put together his biggest giveaway ever.

Mr. Robinson has said, “Compassion can be very difficult. And exhausting. True compassion means never expecting anything in return. Only a very small number of the people you help will even say ‘thank you’. If you expect thanks, don’t get into compassion. You do it because it has to be done. And you do it for as long as you can.”

Mike Robinson’s compassion giveaway is now passing the TEN Million Milligrams mark, and is well on its way to 100 Million Milligrams, and may go beyond even that impressive number. The need is certainly out there, so Mike Robinson responded with the biggest compassion giveaway in the history of Hemp CBD and continues to this day as he formulates even more products for consumers like Forest Bathing.

Robinson was mentored by the famed Dennis Peron, co-author of California’s 1996 Cannabis Compassionate Use Act. Many are unaware that the same state that first prohibited the use of Cannabis back in the late 1930s is also the one that started the medicinal marijuana legalization movement through Peron and his many colleagues. Robinson is known for writing ‘the Peron Resolution’ with Dennis in 2017, one year before his death, requesting the end to a prohibition on gifting cannabis that the current recreational law put into place. That request came to life in March 2020 in California’s new compassion act named after Peron.

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