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MYB Show | Healthy Cannabis Edibles with Sean Seurattan of the Heightened Chef


One of the greatest advancements of the cannabis industry has been the explosion of cannabis-infused edibles.

In this episode of the Mind Your Body Show, Sean Seurattan, co-founder of the Heightened Chef, joins me in the kitchen where we make two edible recipes and talk about the cannabis industry and how cannabis may be used in the treatment of stress and anxiety.

Have you been curious about cannabis and edibles?
Then you won’t want to miss this informative episode!

Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor before trying edibles and to determine if cannabis is right for you.
Links mentioned in this episode:

Recipes for Cream of Celery Soup and Asian Popcorn and THC formula for edibles:

The Heightened Chef Instagram:

Sean Seurattan’s Instagram for Event Updates

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