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Nanoboosting foods for health & sustainability – David Julian McClements


In this video I had the pleasure to speak with Prof David Julian McClements. Julian is a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts. His research uses the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology to improve the quality, healthiness, safety and sustainability of the modern food supply. He is also author of the book “Future Foods – How Modern Science is Transforming the Way We Eat.”

In this discussion we cover the basics of food components such as nutritional value and vitamins, to how nanotechnology and biotechnology can be employed to improve the bioavailability of different nutraceuticals, effectively “nanoboosting foods”. We discuss how this is being used to design foods good for health. Moreover, we chat about the sustainability of foods and how plant-based foods (Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods), lab-grown meat and insects are helping, but the challenges that lie ahead to ensure these alternatives match nutritional quality and cost of meat products. Could we even be eating ourselves? And what about gastrophysics, can we trick ourselves into eating healthier foods because they smell or look desirable? And all in all talking about the Future of Foods!

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Intro – 00:00
Food scientists & food content – 01:00
Food nanotechnology – 04:00
Personalised nutrition & Gut microbiome – 12:20
Food biotechnology/GM foods – 17:00
Can we make “superfoods” ? – 20:00
Plant-based foods and burgers – 22:20
Lab-grown meat/Cultured meat – 27:20
Food perception & gastrophysics – 31:00
Insects – 34:45
How are we going to feed the world? – 39:30
Challenges – 44:45
Advice for diet & becoming a food scientist – 46:00



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