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Organic CBD Cosmetic Brands- 5 Responsibly Cultivated & Ethical brands



Organic CBD-based cosmetic products have blossomed in the skincare industry over the past 5 years. Worth $580 million, North America’s market is rich with products from thousands of brands offering the benefits of CBD for your skin. With a market projected worth of $1.7 billion by 2025, how many brands are responsibly producing quality products to meet this increased demand? 5 organic CBD cosmetic brands stood out to us for their ethical cultivation, production, and quality of CBD cosmetics in an increasingly saturated market.

Organic branding should not come at the cost of the environment, much less become a marketing tactic for selling products lacking quality; a 2017 survey showed 60% of CBD products ordered online were mislabeled. Other cases include diluted products (i.e. containing filler oils) or unethical production. With a market projected worth of $1.7 billion by 2025, CBD cosmetics will only continue to surge in popularity. As consumers, it’s important to be aware of a trend seeking tactics versus truthful, tested and ethical products.

organic CBD cosmetic products
Photo by Drew Graham

Things to know and look for when shopping for organic CBD cosmetic products

Hemp and CBD are fabulous in cosmetics with plenty of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits to offer while improving circulation and hydration. This offers an amazing all-natural alternative to traditional brands relying on chemical-based cleansers and lotions that leave our skin less than satisfied. 

Generally, CBD appears in cosmetics via 3 forms: 

Product labels will tell you what CBD base it uses, and whether it appears as cannabidiol, hemp extract, or hemp CBD. Depending on your application, the type of CBD a product uses may be a key deciding factor in getting you the most out of it.

5 Ethical Organic CBD Cosmetic Brands & Products

Humanist Beauty - Conscious CBD Skincare
Herban Wisdom Facial Oil (Humanist Beauty, $60 – 0.5 fl oz)

1. Humanist Beauty – Conscious CBD Skincare

Humanist Beauty is an organic, vegan and cruelty-free CBD skincare company utilizing a fully holistic philosophy through their company and products. Known for their rejuvenating serums for the face and body of all skin types, the company emphasizes wellness and beauty from the ground up, specializing in blending essential oils with full-spectrum CBD oils. Humanist Beauty won a NEXTY for Best New Beauty Product with their revolutionary Herban Wisdom Facial Oil (pictured) and takes pride in displaying their all-natural formulas via their ingredient glossary, amongst other educational resources on their chic and informative website.

e.l.f. Full-Spectrum CBD Skin Care Collection
e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Full-Spectrum CBD Skin Care Collection ($79)

2. e.l.f. Full-Spectrum CBD Skin Care Collection

A testament to CBD products making it into drugstores, e.l.f. – everyone’s favourite drugstore makeup brand – began offering a full-spectrum CBD oil-based line of skincare and cosmetics earlier this year. Like all their products, the CBD line is vegan, cruelty-free and free from parabens, sulphates, and all the other fake stuff. For those looking to try out a CBD-based cosmetic, e.l.f. offers an amazing quality product for its price point. The CBD Collection (pictured, $79) includes a moisturizer, facial oil, body cream, eye cream, and lip oil to get you started with CBD cosmetics affordably and responsibly.

De La Beuh - CBD Body Products
De La Beuh’s CBD Geode Bath Bomb ($15)

3. De La Beuh – CBD Body Products

De La Beuh is an LA-based women-led wellness company specializing in CBD bath & skincare products that are raved about. Ranging from bath bombs and scrubs to oils and salves, De La Beuh has been widely featured through CBD news and cannabis media, the LA Times, and Leafly’s Top 10 CBD products list for multiple categories. For those looking to get started with adding CBD into their wellness routine, De La Beuh offers two different spa kits complete with all of the above, and some other goodies like CBD massage oil.

The CBD Skincare Co.
Fall Flavours CBD Soap Bundle (CBD Skincare Co., $24)

4. The CBD Skincare Co.

Founded in 2016 out of a need for a psoriasis cure, the CBD Skincare Co. has 22 (and counting) all-natural, ultra-soothing CBD skincare products to treat, heal and nourish all skin types and conditions. The CBD Skincare Co. relies on pure CBD oil harvested from local American hemp farmers, and remains very much a grassroots company to this day in pursuit of sharing the miracles of CBD in skincare.

Pivot Cosmetics
Skin Therapy Set (Pivot Cosmetics, $79)

5. Pivot Cosmetics

Pivot Cosmetics is a CBD skincare company developed for women of color. Using broad-spectrum CBD oils for their face wash and toner, the brand seeks to alleviate common skin issues women of color encounter while providing a new element of fun and relaxation to the self-care routine. Customer reviews have been the rave for the cooling, anti-inflammatory effects of their CBD facewash that targets tough acne, part of the Therapy Set pictured above. It’s so popular they’re still restocking their online store!

Will you be adding any of these amazing organic CBD Cosmetic brands and their products to your daily beauty routine? Did we miss your favourite? Sound off in the comments! And follow @CannaLifeNet to stay tuned on all 420 news, lifestyle, and updates.


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