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Pain Sucks Episode 006 – Understanding CBD and its application for Chronic Pain – Dr Andrew Kidder


Dr. Andrew Kidder is an expert in the field of functional medicine as well as CBD and all things cannabinoids.

We started the discussion with understanding the Hemp vs Marijuana comparison

Hemp and Marijuana are both classified under the Cannabis umbrella
Marijuana has CBD and THC
Hemp is CBD and may or may not have some THC

THC is the cannabinoid that effectively activates the “high” in the right amounts. However, research has indicated that a small amount of THC may actually yield a better medicinal affect with no high.

Other distinguishing characteristics rise from how and where the plant is grown and harvested etc.

There are 100 or so Cannabinoids with CBD and THC being the main 2 studied right now.
CBD was discovered as scientists were learning about THC and its interaction in the human body for healing

CBD is typically from the Cannabis Sativa plant

Endocannabinoid System discovered in the human body in the 1990’s.
-It regulates balance in most systems including hormones, pain, and the immune system and well as the gut and even the brain.
-It has been shown to have the highest number of receptors in the human body
-Which means the human body also produces its own endocannabinoids
1. Anatomized which are neurotransmitters or brain chemical cannabinoids that are responsible for the feel-good happiness pathway. Some describe as the “runner’s high”
2. 2AG which are the body endocannabinoids which are the highest amount in the body and help regulate pain and immune response. Also balances and manages the immune system as well as organs of digestion including appetite and weight loss

So, when CBD (an external cannabinoid) is taken in it activates CB1 and CB2 receptors
CB1 is brain and spinal cord
CB2 is all other tissues

So together maintaining the endo (inside occurring) and then taking an external one like CBD we can really balance the body and help with pain.

Harvesting is done by CO2 extraction then refining
So much happens before it hits the market it’s important to know the manufacturer, the farm, the harvesting machines, the level of quality etc…

3 types of CBD on the market
1. Isolate – everything is removed including all other cannabinoids and the terpenes (smell and taste) chemicals. Typically, people will smoke or vape this. This is the type Big Pharma has latched on to.
2. Full Spectrum – CBD as well as the other cannabinoids and terpenes and may actually contain up to 0.3% of the THC
3. Broad Spectrum – CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC

Dr. Kidder encouraged us to read the labels for the following
1. Broad or Full or Isolate
2. Amount of CBD (5mg per dropper or 25mg or whatever)
3. He encouraged us to check with the company for data on what their product contains in each dropper.

Specifically, for pain he encouraged that we take a quality full spectrum liquid or tincture or gummy or gel cap in the amount of no less than 25mg. So good quality CBD might have all 25mg in the dropper.

However, he said that won’t be enough and we should also be taking CBD in through a topical rub or balm applied over the area of injury and inflammation.

He explained how the CB1 receptors cannot be activated in pain relief enough with just one way.

Look for a bottle with 750mg or so

He told us all to email him directly with questions or for a great source for us to use.

His email is drdrewkidd@gmail.com



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