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Pauline Hanson speaks on Medicinal Cannabis news in Australia


I joined the Health Minister, Greg Hunt today and about 8 other medical and medicinal cannabis advocates on a conference call to discuss fast tracking the supply of medical cannabis oil.

Here’s a couple of facts:

• The product is here in Australia with 128 patients of all ages already receiving it
• There are only around 100 doctors prescribing the product in Australia.
• Doctors who submit two x 1 page documents can supply medical cannabis oil. Approval is given by the Federal Government within 3 working days.
• The daily use of medical cannabis imported from Canada is approximately $10 a day
• Prices are expected to come down once Australian supplies are available.
• The Government are now establishing a 1800 number for patients so they can find a doctor. Creating a website is a little harder because of laws that prevent the advertising of doctors who prescribe drugs.
• Medifarm are prepared to offer 1000 doses a month free of charge from their Israel partners until Australian supply is online.

Overall, I have not given up on the medical cannabis community and it pains me to think people feel that I have.

I’m the first to admit, this has been too bloody slow for most struggling families who just want to see their loved ones well again. I want to continue working hard to fast track the doctor training sessions and ensure this natural, miracle drug is available to everyone who can benefit from it.

Take the politics out of your fight and lets work together to ensure that quality, safe and effective medicinal cannabis is available here in Australia FAST.



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