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Popular Cannabis Products You Probably Want to Try – Latest Cannabis News Today



The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries paved the way for it to be available mainstream. For this reason, it is now easier to acquire the cannabis products that you need to aid your medical treatments or simply for recreational purposes. Alongside this, there has also been a boost in the emergence of several cannabis products that provides you more options on how you want to consume it for you to reap its benefits. In line with this, below are some of the most popular cannabis products that you probably want to try.

Tinctures and Oils

There are now a wide variety of cannabis tinctures and oils that you can choose from. The tinctures are usually taken in small doses because of their high alcohol content. More often than not, they are consumed sublingually or placed under the tongue. These tinctures can also be seamlessly mixed in food because they can be made with specific flavors such as chocolate, peach, or vanilla, to name a few. On the other hand, oils are often consumed using the vape method because it can have an unpleasant taste when consumed orally.

Beauty and Skincare Products

Cannabis has also infiltrated several skincare and beauty products, with women being the main target market. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to treat skincare issues such as acne, dry skin, and even psoriasis, revealing healthier and smoother skin. Nevertheless, even men have benefited from cannabis products, which come in the form of topical solutions, creams, and lotions. This is because apart from the great benefits of the products in the skin, cannabis balms and creams can also soothe tired and sore muscles, still because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Cannabis is also available in the form of edibles, particularly sweets such as chocolates and gummies. The cannabis enthusiasts behind MOM Canada suggest that you should try the sweet treats if you are a beginner in terms of using cannabis. This is because you will just feel like you are regularly snacking or treating yourself in a delightful dessert instead of getting medication.

Some of the most well-known cannabis chocolates include brownies and cookies. This is a popular option for those who want to try cannabis but don’t want to smoke a joint. However, you need to keep in mind that the sale of cannabis chocolates are somehow limited, particularly because these products contain THC. On the other hand, you can also go for cannabis gummies if you are not a fan of chocolates. Rest assured that these gummies are properly labeled and only sold to individuals at or above the legal age.


Cannabis products now also come in the form of beverages and these kinds of products are constantly on the rise. However, you are most likely to find cannabis-infused beverages in states where the recreational use of cannabis is legal. Otherwise, you may have a hard time looking for cannabis cocktails or coffee. Still, the people who consume these beverages do so not only for recreation, but to help them manage their medical condition such as depression or anxiety.


Cannabis capsules are more popular for those who want a subtle method of consuming the product to reap its effect. With a capsule, all that you need to do is to swallow it and follow it through with a glass of water. From there, you only need to wait for a little while before you feel its effects on your body. Depending on the dosage that you take in, the effect of the capsule may last anywhere from a couple of hours to eight hours. Because of this, those who are taking in cannabis to help them manage chronic pain prefer capsules.

Pet Essentials

Yes, even your pets can already take advantage of the benefits that cannabis can bring. The reason behind this is that certain dog and cat treats are already infused with cannabis. This proves to be beneficial for your furry friends who are dealing with chronic pain, such as arthritis in dogs. There is also pet shampoo infused with cannabis, intended to help maintain healthy skin and fur or treat skin diseases.

To wrap things up, the cannabis products listed above are only some of the most popular products that can pique your interest. Other cannabis products serve the same medicinal or recreational purpose. The key is in evaluating which form of consumption you are most comfortable in for you to get the appropriate cannabis product that will allow you to realize its benefits.


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