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Psychedelics & Mental Health With Brad Burge | Be Informed. Be Well. | Episode 22


John Malanca raises the bar by discussing the emerging field of psychedelics in the treatment of
mental health and the distressing symptoms of chronic illness. His guest, Brad Burge, BS, MA, Director of Communications and Public Relations of MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) from 2009-2020 and a psychedelic expert, was instrumental in organizing the 2017 largest Psychedelic Science conference in history. Tune in to learn the truth about this emerging field of Psychedelics and how they have the potential change lives.

While cannabis is considered a treatment for many different diseases, psychedelics are used as part of psychotherapy to assist in the efficacy of treatment. These chemicals and naturally occurring
substances are not considered a cure nor necessarily part of a daily health routine. Psychedelic therapy may involve an altered state of consciousness and can be beneficial in the doctor/patient relationship during structured and monitored therapy. Of growing interest is the practice of “micro-dosing” psychedelics. This is a naturalistic event which allows for a more conventional experience with some benefits and may or may not require therapy. Some of the properties of micro-dosing psychedelics mimic the use of pharmaceuticals to treat depression, migraines and other distressing and life changing chronic illness. All psychedelics are Schedule 1 along with Cannabis.

Join the discussion of the fascinating effects of psychedelics, whether they are naturally occurring or
created by man to assist in the expansion of the mind and the treatment of chronic disorders.

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