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Pure Sport CBD The LIVE & Living Series


Pure Sport CBD Presents: The LIVE & Living Series – Wed 11 Nov 20: 1300Hrs UK & Ire
Episode 1: The Story Behind The Story!
In response to thousands of questions, requests & engagements on a wide range of topics, we are starting this series of shows to chat about how the lads developed their inbuilt entrepreneurial skills alongside a life as elite level sportsmen to build a flourishing Health & Wellness company that is taking its rightful place, they believe, in improving peoples lives.
Grayson HART & Adam ASHE are clearly two exceptional individuals. They’ll be sharing with us the reason behind this initial series of LIVE Online Engagement Events and why they believe that the stats behind the projected growth of online LIVE engagement is justified and how they are ideal for them and Pure Sport CBD to build an engaging, interactive & trust relationship focus with their current and potential clients & followers.
They will be telling us about the special guests they’ll be having on future episodes, the mini-series of 15 – 20 mins specials on how to build a business, develop an entrepreneurial approach into a tangible success and other simple but effective key lifestyle hacks!
We’ll look at how Pure Sport CBD came about, what are both the companies brand values and the lads own core values and how they dove-tail in.
They are constantly asked why is CBD changing our lives in a positive way? What does it do and why is the rise in its use so massive? They’ll tell us! They’ll also cover where they see it and society in 5 years time plus their own thoughts on how they & their company can help.
JOIN US LIVE at 1300Hrs UK & Ire – equiv global time zones OR Watch on CATCH UP
What do YOU want to know about the lads, how they transitioned from international rugby stars to successful businessmen. POut YOUR Qs, Comments & Thoughts to Adam & Grayson LIVE
Team Pure Sport



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