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Season 2: Hemp Infused MCT Oil for Tinctures


It’s time for episode four, season 2! In this video Chelsie and Chris show you how to decarb Hemp Flower, and infuse Organic MCT Oil. The great thing about MCT Oil is that you can use it in so many different ways. You can add it under your tongue, or add it to your food or drinks.

If you would rather make Cannabis Infused MCT Oil, you will follow this same recipe, and just use cannabis instead of hemp.

Tinctures can be quite useful and effective for quick absorption under the tongue. For people with seizures or pain issues, this can deliver a quicker result in times of need.

3 grams hemp flower
1/2 cup Organic MCT Oil
Decarb the Hemp at 220-250 degrees (temperature will depend on your oven) for 70 minutes.
Fill your crockpot about halfway full of water and turn on low. Add the decarbed hemp to a mason jar or a glass measuring cup. Add the MCT oil in with the hemp. Cover the jar with foil and place into the crock pot, cover the crock pot with the lid.
Let cook for a minimum of 4 hours. Normal cook time for this is 4-8 hours. You can cook this for up to 24 hours.
Once you are ready, use a strainer and cheesecloth to strain the mixture.
Store covered with a light fitting lid, in the pantry. Do not refrigerate.

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Intended for States with Medical or Recreational Laws. Please check the laws in your area before consuming Marijuana (THC). Must be 18+ for medical patients and 21+ for recreational patients.



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