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Seattle Weed Stores: Where Can I Legally Consume?



Welcome to the Emerald City, where Seattle weed stores are at the top of many visitors’ to-do lists!

There are incredible things to do in Emerald City, like visiting evergreen forests, checking out local restaurants, and enjoying art galleries and music venues.

Ever since the state of Washington passed Initiative 502 (I-502), however, marijuana tourism has become its own industry in Seattle.

Seattle Weed Stores: An Introduction

To some visitors, there are as many dispensaries in Seattle as there are coffee shops in other cities. They’re seemingly on every corner and each one has its own unique vibe with something different to offer.

With so many different choices and a limited amount of time, how do you know where to go? Chances are you’re brimming with this and many other questions as well.

Some common questions for visitors are:

  • Where can I legally consume marijuana?
  • How much can I buy?
  • Can I bring it back home with me (out of state)?

If any of these questions are floating around in your mind, don’t worry. It’s totally normal.

It’s important to note that it is still a federal offense to manufacture, sell, or possess marijuana. Unless you live in a state where recreational marijuana is already legalized, most visitors to a marijuana-friendly state will have these questions. Even in states with legalized cannabis, the rules can vary.

Here’s what you need to know about buying and using marijuana in Seattle and Washington state.

Top Tip: Research Seattle Weed Stores Before You Visit

Just like any other trip, plan ahead!

Whether you’re coming here for business, pleasure, or marijuana tourism, it’s best to come with an action plan. You wouldn’t go to Europe without a laundry list of places to visit and things to see, right? A trip to Seattle should be no different!

If you’re short on time, chances are you’ll want to visit the weed dispensaries in Seattle that are closest to your hotel.

However, if you have a little more time, then you can do more exploration farther away and see what the city fully has to offer!

One of our favorite Seattle weed stores is American Mary.

During these unprecedented times, you can still visit the store in person, but they’ve also created the option to order online and pick-up in person. This limits person-to-person contact to keep everyone physically healthy!

Hands down, our favorite thing about American Mary are their weekly specials. In fact, they’re more like daily specials.

Every day of the week, American Mary has a unique offering like Marijuana Mondays (15 percent off four eights) and CO2uesdays (10 percent off cartridges).

It’s normal for weed dispensaries in Seattle to have limited promotions or specials, but American Mary always has discounted products thanks to their daily deals.

The menu is incredible and is designed to provide the best deals near you. Whether you seek flower, edibles, cartridges, or anything else in between, chances are that they carry it!

Seattle Dispensary

Know Where You Can Legally Consume Marijuana

Once you visit a Seattle weed store like American Mary, it’s important to know where you can and cannot legally consume.

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, but just like alcohol and other substances, there are still rules you need to abide by when partaking in its use.

For example, do not drive while high or consume marijuana in public places or close to schools. These things are illegal. 

Perhaps more importantly, it’s important to purchase from a licensed dispensary such as American Mary. Just because cannabis is legal in the state, it doesn’t mean that you can legally purchase from street dealers. Only purchases from establishments with legal licences are permitted.

If you’re staying in a hotel, it’s important to obey the hotel’s smoking rules. It’s estimated that 75 percent of the state’s hotels are smoke-free. If the hotel doesn’t allow smoking cigarettes, then they won’t allow smoking cannabis, either.

Traveler’s Tip: Edibles are a popular choice for visitors, as smoking isn’t necessary. Just be sure to check with your budtender regarding the correct dose! Sometimes, edibles can be too potent for first-time users. 

Buying and Consuming Cannabis in Seattle

When it comes to recreational cannabis, what’s brought into Washington state must stay in Washington state.

Because it’s still a federal offense to manufacture, sell, or possess marijuana, it’s important to keep the marijuana in-state and use it only within state borders.

National parks in Washington state are considered federal land, so it’s illegal to bring cannabis products there. If you’re in Washington and partake in a cruise, it’s important to know that you can’t bring marijuana onto a cruise ship, even if you purchased it legally.

Edibles from weed dispensaries in Seattle such as American Mary are popular because they’re discreet. Cookies infused with marijuana, for example, don’t look any different from “normal” cookies.

Still, we recommend abiding by the general rule: always consume cannabis discreetly, and with respect to others. If you aren’t, chances are it’s not legally okay.

A Summary of Marijuana Consumption in Seattle

At the end of the day, we’re still incredibly lucky to have access to legal recreational marijuana in Washington. It’s nice to be able to visit a dispensary like American Mary without having to worry about legality.

Just because cannabis is legal statewide, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t rules to follow. By staying in accordance with the rules, you’ll keep yourself safe and ensure that access to legal marijuana continues to normalize.

When in doubt, put it out! 

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you have any doubts about where you are consuming, first ensure that you are in private and not disturbing others. 

Public consumption, especially on federal land or on cruise ships, is not permitted under any circumstances in Seattle.

Still, you can have an incredible blast with marijuana in Seattle! We hope you have a great time exploring different products and places.

Remember – by following the rules, you help the marijuana industry thrive. 

Keep track of your limits, be safe, and most importantly, have fun!


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