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Seed Banks That Ship to Australia , Cannabis Seeds Aussie 2020



Live in Australia and want to grow weed or find a seed bank that ships to Australia? You are not alone. Australia loves marijuana! It even has a rich cannabis history, although the country traditionally isn’t known for weed. In fact, cannabis is one reason Europe was so eager to colonize the land down under. Someone needed to grow all that hemp for the British navy, and the Aussie climate was just right. 

Unfortunately, just like the rest of the world, Australia stopped growing cannabis years ago, putting a significant drain on their native cannabis seed supply. That’s one reason you won’t find many seed options. If you’re looking for Australian seeds to grow Australian weed, this article will highlight the reasons why you should start looking abroad. Aside from the benefits of growing your own marijuana in Australia, I’ll also guide you on how to choose the best seed bank where you can get high-quality seeds so you can kickstart your marijuana grow journey.

Best Seed Banks that Ship to Australia:

Don’t Buy Weed in Australia. Grow It

Like many areas around the world, Australia loves weed. At ILGM, we love growing marijuana, so we totally understand. It’s an amazing plant to grow and consume, and we’ve built a business around it. We are proud to support the marijuana growers of Australia since 2012. 

Ready to start growing your first marijuana plants? Check out my seed shop for high-quality seeds now.

What’s the best way to show love to all of our Aussie marijuana lovers? Teaching them how to grow marijuana, of course. That’s why we are unlike any other seed banks. We don’t just sell seeds that grow. We also teach the world how to grow them. 

Download my free Grow Bible and grow your own marijuana in Australia!

Australian Seed Banks Are A Risky Purchase

Australia somewhat legalized marijuana, but only in certain states. In some places, marijuana is only okay for medical use. The city of Canberra (in the capital territory) has legalized recreational use, but don’t expect to see “Grow Cannabis Canberra!” signs showing up anytime soon. It’s not the open market that you read about in the United States. In Australia, marijuana is still a delicate topic. If you are growing it, you must keep it to yourself. 

The national polices around marijuana in Australia have also made it extremely hard to acquire legal marijuana seeds. Although growing for medical reasons has been allowed for some time, there is no assistance for obtaining seeds.  Plus, if you’d like to grow cannabis for non-medical use and you’re not in the capital territory, good luck. 

The fact is when it comes to marijuana seeds Australia is in a tough spot. Australia cannabis seed banks can’t legally sell cannabis seeds that are designed to grow. Instead, you can purchase a seed that may or may not grow. I mean, you did buy those aussie seeds for educational or novelty purposes, didn’t you?

If you find an Australian seed bank that sells marijuana seeds, understand they are doing so at a risk – which kind of puts you at risk as well. 

Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia or Oz

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Australia has a rich history of growing cannabis, but it doesn’t yet have a native species. That’s because cannabis seeds ( Australia and New Zealand included) came from foreign sources. In other words, the best marijuana strains still come from different parts of the world, including Western Europe, the West Coast of the United States and Canada, South Africa, and tropical climates. Wouldn’t it make sense to source your seeds from companies that have access to those genetics?

Seed banks that ship to Australia can sell you more than what you can find locally from select novelty seed sellers. These are the award-winning cannabis seeds Australia weed lovers deserve to have access to. Worldwide seedbanks put the full diversity of the cannabis genome at your fingertips. If you genuinely love marijuana, you owe it to yourself to purchase your seeds online. 

marijuana seeds on a bowl beside a marijuana leaf
Marijuana seeds

Growing Weed in the ACT

It would be irresponsible to talk about Australian seed banks without also talking about growing weed in Australia. With the new laws, adults in the Australian Capital territory are permitted up to four plants per household. The plants should be for personal use only. 

If you plan on growing those seeds outside, most Sativas will fare well in the sunny Australia climate. However, if you’d like to try a therapeutic indica strain or a popular indica dominant hybrid, you may need to grow your plant indoors. The Aussie climate can be a bit rough on seeds that developed in Canada. 

Growing Marijuana in Australia
Growing marijuana in Australia

If you plan on growing those seeds outside, most Sativas will fare well in the sunny Australia climate.

However, if you’d like to try a therapeutic indica strain or a popular indica dominant hybrid, you may need to grow your plant indoors. The Aussie climate can be a bit rough on seeds that developed in Canada.

Even with climate considerations, there are plenty of marijuana options for Australian growers to choose from. This is due to plenty of research and crossbreeding in Europe and North America over the past few decades. There are now autoflowering strains that grow well under challenging conditions or with minimal light indoors. We’ve also made a list of some of the best outdoor strains for Australia growers. However, with the right setup and experience, your choices are endless. 

Regardless of how you choose to grow, you are going to need weed seeds Australia! 

The Benefits of International Seed Banks

Purchasing reliable cannabis seeds can be a challenge for Australians; that’s why many choose to get their seeds online. Here’s what you gain by ordering cannabis seeds over the Internet:

  • Discrete purchasing
  • Better selection 
  • Access to information on growing

How To Select The Best Seed Bank

Now that you understand why Australian seed banks might be problematic, the next step is finding a trustworthy supplier to ship cannabis seeds directly to your door. This is a vital step. A quick search of “seeds online Australia” will show you – there are many to choose from. Luckily there are ways to narrow down your list.  Here’s what we suggest:

Consider the seed bank

Anyone can create a website and take your payment information. It’s the beauty of the Internet. However, if you value your time and money, pay close attention to the website you intend to purchase from. Sometimes, the little things can indicate whether you are dealing with a reliable company or an enterprising seed reseller. Here are a few signs:

  • Their website is full of mistruths or errors. For example, “We have over 100 strains,” yet they only list 90. Makes you wonder what sort of attention to detail you can expect with your order.
  • They lack reviews. Anyone can say they are reliable; only customers can confirm it. Trustworthy businesses aren’t afraid to provide verifiable, third-party reviews. 

Think About What Happens After Your Weed Seeds Sprout

If you plan on growing your seeds, rather than admiring them (as you should when purchasing from an Australia cannabis seed bank), you’ll want to know what to do with them once they sprout. Who is going to help you with that? The answer is not most seed banks. Here are some signs that the seed bank specializes in seed Australia can grow:

Check their Shipping Policies

You can’t plant a seed that never arrives. That’s why it’s essential to review the shipping policies of the seed bank you choose. If they do not guarantee shipping you may end up paying for something you never receive. Alternatively, if they don’t ship stealth, your seeds may be confiscated or ruined as soon as they enter the country. 

The ILGM seedbank is a leader in stealth shipping. We ship cannabis seeds: Australia and worldwide. We’re good at it, and we’ve been doing it for years. But don’t take out word for it, search online to read the reviews of other Australians. 

Purchasing Marijuana Seeds Online: A Checklist

Purchasing anything online, especially when it is coming from another country, can make anyone nervous. Here are three things that you should look for with any type of online purchase:

Customer Reviews

What do people think of the store, strain, or seeds? It’s not too tricky to find strain reviews online; however, specific seed reviews can be a bit more challenging. While strain reviews can give you an idea of what to expect from a strain, seed reviews are the best way to predict your experience while growing. This is because the quality of seeds can vary. A low-quality seed will produce less marijuana and need a lot more attention. Look for a seed bank that includes customer seed reviews, and not just a review of the strain. 

Delivery Policies

Always pay attention to delivery policies. You need to know when you can expect your seeds to arrive, and what you can do if they don’t. If discrete shipping is a concern, look for stealth shipping. Some seed banks offer it as an option, while others include it automatically. Most importantly, you must find companies with experience shipping to Australia. Every country has its own requirements, so be wary of websites that promise to ship everywhere. Always check that they will guarantee delivery. 

Customer Service

Most people do not plan to have a problem with their cannabis seeds order, but when they do, they are typically happy that they’d chosen somewhere with knowledgeable support. Knowledgeable support doesn’t mean a chatbot that summarizes what you already know. For ILGM, support means an actual human, with marijuana knowledge, that can help you.

How ILGM Compares to Other Seed Banks that Ship to Australia 

We’ve been helping people grow marijuana since 2012, so it’s no surprise that there is plenty of competition. Here’s how the seed bank at I Love Growing Marijuana compares to other Australia-friendly seedbanks:

Our Shipping Is Free

We ship free to the United States. We ship free to Australia.  We do ask that you spend at least $150 to qualify for free shipping to Australia. Otherwise, it is $25. 

Australia country and weed leaf
We offer free shipping to Australia

We Guarantee Delivery and Germination

We guarantee. Always have and probably always will. Our goal is helping you grow. You can’t do that without high-quality seeds!

We Don’t Have “Give Away” Seeds

Free seeds are a great way to clear out seeds that haven’t been sold. We never need to do this because our seeds always sell. 

Our Marijuana Seeds are the Best

We’re not the cheapest, because we don’t sell cheap seeds. We believe that a plant that yields great marijuana is a lot more valuable than a plant that produces poor marijuana. Therefore, we price accordingly. 

We’re Based in Holland

Our founder went from supplying coffee shops to teaching the world to grow weed, and we’re true to who we are. That means we hire knowledgeable staff that knows marijuana. Because we carefully select every part of our team, most of our team is also based in Holland. While that may mean it takes a little longer for us to reply, trust us, it’s worth the wait. 

When it comes to growing marijuana, the mission of I Love Growing Marijuana is simple. We want to be the best. That means the best at selecting and supplying the best marijuana seeds, the best at explaining marijuana growing techniques, and the best at making it easy to grow weed. 

If you are looking for marijuana seeds, and you live in Australia, there are plenty of options at your fingertips.  You could take your chance and purchase locally, or you could tap into a global marketplace and purchase seeds from abroad. However, you choose to go about it, you’ll need to start with good seeds, learn how to grow, and decide whether you will grow indoors or outdoors.

Buy high-quality seeds from my seed bank now to start your marijuana grow journey the right way.

Simply having marijuana seeds doesn’t mean you will grow a well-producing marijuana plant. Do the planning work before you order your seeds, and you’ll be rewarded come harvest time. 

Read my free Grow Bible to learn how to get great results from seed to bud!

Seed Banks That Ship To Australia FAQ

Happy Growing!

What seed banks ship to Australia?

Even though you can easily order seeds online, there are few reliable seed banks that ship to Australia. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) comes highly recommended and with good reason. Besides being one of the best marijuana growing resources online, ILGM offers high-quality seeds. The seed bank also provides stealth shipping, and guarantees delivery and germination. 

What seed bank has the best genetics?

ILGM has access to the best marijuana strains from different parts of the world.You should check out what satisfied customers have to say about their award-winning cannabis seeds. You’ll find the reviews useful if you’re looking for a seed bank that offers the full diversity of the cannabis genome.

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