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Seed to Strain: AC/DC


In this episode of Seed to Strain, we meet with Nick from the Boomspharm collective, developer of the AC/DC strain.

Nick’s AC/DC strain is uncanny in its genetic makeup, proving to be ideal for patients afflicted with a potentially vast list of conditions, including autism, epilepsy and cancer, to name a few.

With little to no THC and an unprecedented amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) – known for its promising clinical applications – AC/DC is a gift to medical patients seeking relief with little to no psychoactive effects.

See Nick’s AC/DC grow, and get to know the man behind the medicine in this edition of Seed to Strain.

Read the Full Breakdown on MERRY JANE: https://merryjane.com/culture/video-original-seed-to-strain-ac-dc


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