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Seedo Auto Grow Hydroponics Device



Seedo Auto Grow Hydroponic System

Seedo is one of the coolest looking auto grow hydroponic systems we have seen so far and has some pretty impressive features. Firstly the system is app controlled meaning you can remotely monitor your grow from anywhere and control everything with complete ease.

seedo-auto-grow-hydroponics-systemsSpeedo is a compact unit ideal for people with smaller houses and apartments and features intelligent technology to ensure a maximum yield within the available space.

Other benefits include notifications and alerts to your phone, HD streaming, Air Conditioning and humidity management, a sterile hermetic growing ecosystem, Minerals System and even CO2 cartridge release capabilities for increased yield.

Remember you can use the Seedo to grow many different types of plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers! This is a massive step in the direction of efficient indoor growing for beginners and those who want to automate the process as much as possible.


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