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Seshin' with Swami – "For the Love of Cannabis" with Maya from OM Edibles


This summer we began holding a live Virtual Hangout Sesh every other Thursday that we have dubbed Seshin’ with Swami!

Attendance is free and we gather between 4:20pm and 5:20pm(ish) with Swami, Nikki, a VIP guest, and, of course, all of you who attend!

Signup is very easy and you can see upcoming Seshes by visiting www.swamiselect.com/events-2

In this episode, recorded on 11/05/2020, we join Swami Chaitanya, Nikki Lastreto, and Maya the founder of OM Edibles, along with all who registered for the event.

This Sesh saw guests join from across the country and even across the globe! Won’t you join us soon?

We may have to be physically distanced, but using this shared technology we do not have to be completely socially distant!



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