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Sherb Crasher from Freddy's Fuego Cannabis Strain Review


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Sherb Crasher from Freddy’s Fuego Cannabis Strain Review

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We are going to do a review of something from Freddy’s Fuego. This is their Sherb Crasher. This is part of their Pirates Reserve line.

This is very, very, very purpley durpley. You can see, when we rolled the joint in those images, all the purple in the flower. So typically, for me at least, purple strains are more indica dominant, more medicinal, more sleepy-ish. I’m not really sure if that’s going to be true for this Sherb Crasher, which is clearly a cross of a Sherbet and a Wedding Crasher. So we’re going to do a bong rip. Cheers.

Wow. That definitely has that indica kind of throat grab. Now, the weed smelled really, really, really grapey, and fruity, and sweet. It was really a nice candy kind of smell, not like an artificial candy, but a sweet grape, grapey, Welch’s grape juicy kind of smell to it. The dry pull has got a real grape juicy kind of flavor to it, or grape jelly, Welch’s grape jelly. Cheers everybody, Sherb Crasher from Freddy’s Fuego’s Pirates Reserve.

Sherb Crasher is developing into a very nice mouth coating, thick, syrupy… It doesn’t really taste grapey, but I can taste the origins of it from the dry pull and the smell of the flower. I’m not sure what the effect is going to be like, I’m not really feeling anything. This is the first joint of the day. It’s about 9:00 AM when I’m doing this review, at the very end of May, like the 26th, the first day back after the Memorial Day weekend.

The potency numbers on this: The writing is so darn small you need a magnifying glass, for real, to read it. It looks like it was harvested on April 17th of this year. THCA looks to be like 28%. It says total THC 23.4%, total cannabinoids 28 or 26 point something or other. All right. Total THCA is 26.00. I mean, the writing is microscopic, man, it’s ridiculous. It’s really bad for consumers. They cannot see what they’re getting when it was… I mean, they can, if they really look, but this is bad marks, Freddy. I mean, the weed is great, but the packaging numbers, that kind of thing, consumers should be able to see that stuff easily. I know you have nothing to hide.

I’m feeling mellow. I mean, I’ve got some energy to do some things, so to speak. It’s really the first day of the work week after the Memorial Day holiday. And I’m doing this review first thing in the morning, so I got a lot of drudge work I got to do over the next couple hours. So, I’m kind of getting my attitude aligned accordingly. And I think this will do it, it’s making me feel kind of chill. My belly has been a little bit upset with my Crohn’s today, it’s been kind of acting up. But this is definitely putting a nice calming cover on it all. I’m kind of spacing out with this herb, sort of in a meditative state, it’s very nice.

But after continuing to smoke this, and breathing, I’m much more ready to deal with the world and whatever issues may be thrown at me today, so I’m not really sweating it. This is good herb for getting in that sort of mindset. Not saying, “Fuck it,” but just kind of being, “Okay, I can ride the wave. I can deal with this. I’m a big person.” It’s just not letting things really get to you to the point where it modifies your behavior in a negative way. In other words, don’t get so stressed out that you do some crazy shit reactively. You have to sit back and think, and not always be in react mode, because that can lead to mistakes, and nobody likes to make mistakes, right? But it happens.

Anyways, the weed is good. I’m enjoying it. It’s going to my head now. I mean, I’m feeling it in the front of my dome, not so much in my body. The ash is nice and light gray on this. It’s a little bit darker than I might prefer, but it is very dark weed, so that I’m sure has something to do with the coloration of the ash. You really can’t go too far wrong with any Freddy’s Fuego product, the only problem is they’re a little bit expensive, but they are very high quality. And we’ve done multiple tours of their facilities. They put in the work, it’s well worth it I think.
I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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