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Small business Spotlight – Blunts & Beans – Latest Cannabis News Today


19+ Monthly Box – Featuring Coffee Beans, Blunt Wraps & Accessories.

Each month features new products from a variety of Canadian-based companies

Blunts & Beans Instagram bio

Some things are just meant to go together, Slurpees on a hot day, hot chocolate on a cold day, the first blunt in the morning with a toke to come alive… some things just work. While in my house I really love my cold caffeine, my husband adores his coffee beans. So when I found Blunts and Beans I was a very happy toker. It’s not often we get to share in something cannabis-related, or coffee-related!

Finding Blunts and Beans has been so much fun, he gets the delicious coffee and I get all the fun blunts, wraps and accessories. It’s a total win-win, every month a new collection of assorted goodies from Canadian companies to make your heart sing.

Created by a pair of Moms with a dream and a realization of a niche unfulfilled these moms are doing their part to end the stigma surrounding cannabis and cannabis-related accessories. My personal favourite item has been the moustache toker, a handy way to make sure your hands stay clean and look cool while smoking. I know before I go to work, I don’t want my hands to smell. This toker helps prevent that while being stylish as hell.

The selection is simple to choose from, you have three options – the Blunts & Beans Monthly Subscription Box, just the beans, and just the blunts. You can also opt to gift a subscription box to a friend or try it out without the commitment to see what all of the amazing fuss is about.

Do you have a favourite wrap or paper to use? Where did you find it? Let us know! Comment below or find our Instagram and join in on the conversation. Don’t forget to check out Blunts and Beans Instagram as well!

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