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"Soul D'licious Infused" Episode #24 – My Hemp Fairy Ayako Monsell


Benjamin Bey of Soul D’licious Seasonings and co-host Stephanie Magurno of THC Production, LLC interview Ayako Monsell, aka “My Hemp Fairy.” Ayako is a patient consultant who assists people with recommendations for cannabis treatment options.

Known as “My Hemp Fairy,” Ayako discusses their role as a consultant and how they determine the best cannabis recommendations for each patient. This includes the importance of adding depth to the common generic recommendations of either Indica or Sativa. Additionally, they discuss the value of various terpenes. Finally, they discuss the endocannabinoid system and the results someone may expect when using cannabis to treat mental and physical pain.

About Ayako Monsell
Cannabis patient and medicator turned educator Ayako Monsell lives in Las Vegas, NV. There, they focus on empowerment through information. Taking advantage of their background in data science, they aim to promote cannabinoid, terpenoid, and flavonoid education. In a few short years in the cannabis industry, they have been recognized among the most valuable persons in cannabis. Additionally, they are recognized as the resident Hemp Fairy in the local Las Vegas cannabis industry.

After discovering the cannabis plant in college, they spent a decade in contract roles with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA. After some time, they moved to Las Vegas. While there, they continued to work in project management and mobile application development.

My Hemp Fairy
Now known as My Hemp Fairy, it didn’t take Ayako long to start applying their background in public health toward an evolving environment. When Ayako stumbled into the medical cannabis industry in 2016, their natural curiosity for the plant and its medical applications took over. The cannabis analyst within was born out of an interest in understanding the terpene data that came with products sold in Nevada dispensaries.

From there came the search for allergen-free products to incorporate into the healing process. Interestingly, this focus came from their own allergen issues associated with coconut oil. Of course, anyone who knows about the cannabis industry and cannabis tinctures knows that coconut oil is prominently used in a vast array of products. This led Ayako to offer assistance to a local doctor’s office. There, they assisted with CBD sales. Soon after, they developed into a full-blown cannabis patient consultant.

Connect With “My Hemp Fairy”
For more information on Ayako Monsell aka My Hemp Fairy, you can visit their official website. You can also find out more information about My Hemp Fairy on their Facebook page.

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