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SPORTS SCIENCE & CBD for elite athletes workout recovery! HCM Interviews Prof. Graeme Close


Prof. Graeme Close is looking into CBD for solutions to elite athletes workout recovery.

Graeme is a professor of human physiology and a top sport nutrition consultant who works with elite rugby union, rugby league, premiership football teams, pro golfers and a variety of other athletes.

In this interview Grame explains how he got into sports science, eventually getting his degree and studying for his PHD specializing in sport nutrition. He now runs a masters degree at Liverpool John Moors University whilst helping professional sports teams enhance performance and recovery by optimizing diet and nutritional strategies.

About 3 years ago, Graeme had learned of CBD and started getting more enquiries from athletes – Although at the time this was prohibited by WADA The World Anti-Doping Agency.

Fast forward to 2018 WADA removed CBD from the banned list and whilst keeping the rest of the cannabinoids on the list, it has opened up the opportunity for athletes to include CBD in their diet.

Graeme is now very interested in looking into the possibilities of CBD for workout recovery as more and more of his athletes are reporting back to him with their stories of CBD playing a part in their recovery routine without opioid based side effects.

Listen to more of Graeme’s thoughts on CBD in our Full Spectrum Round Table interview featured on the Hemp & CBD Media youtube channel!

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