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Stock Market Investing(2020): Cannabis Couch Spotlight on ETF MSOS


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Week in Review:

Stock Market breaks out of the range and accelerates higher aided by further decline in volatility

@3:35 min mark: ARMR Report Portfolios adjust exposure higher to more closely follow ARMR Index Algos that have been calling for 71.5% exposure right thru the Monday Massacre
@6:46min mark: QQQ 4 up and out

@10:15 min mark: ARMR Whiteboard offered great opportunity: MSOS SNAP PYPL ILMN IBB to name a few

@12:20 min mark: Welcome back to the CANNABIS COUCH!! Spotlight on….

US Cannabis ETF MSOS

What is happening right now with MSOS is a microcosm of what will unfold as the march towards legalization gathers steam.

To put a finer point on it: The limited supply of US Cannabis investable shares is being overrun by the ever increasing demands of investor capital seeking exposure

@24:21 min mark: TSLA PLTR
@28:38 min mark: More MSOS info
@34:44 min mark: CGC
@37:31 min mark: FLSY

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