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Synthetic Cannabinoids | Florida Cuts Down On Minor Possession | Microdosing | MERRY JANE NEWS



1. Criminals Have Weaponized Synthetic Cannabinoids:

Synthetic cannabinoids like K2 and Spice are disgusting — and dangerous. Besides triggering full-on freak outs or being laced with rat poison, they can also cause convulsions, seizures, and heart attacks. But new reports from the Lone Star State allege that these fake weed compounds are being used to commit robbery now, too.

According to Dallas Police, two unidentified men have been robbing people by dosing them on synthetic cannabinoids. First, the men will offer an unsuspecting person a puff of “marijuana.” After the mark accepts then passes out from the fake weed, they wake up stripped of their personal belongings, like a wallet or a purse.

2. Miami Cops Can No Longer Use Just “Weed Odor” as Excuse to Search Cars

On July 1st, Florida joined the 42 other US states that have legalized hemp and all of its byproducts. Lawmakers approved this historic act of cannabis reform in hopes of bringing a thriving new hemp and CBD industry to the Sunshine State. But the new law is also making it more difficult for local cops to enforce minor marijuana prohibition laws.

Florida’s new law follows the federal classification of hemp established in the 2018 Farm Bill, which defines hemp as a cannabis plant containing a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or less. Hemp plants look, smell, and otherwise appear the same as psychoactive marijuana plants, making it difficult for anyone other than a cannabis expert to tell the difference.

Most US police departments do not even possess the means to scientifically prove whether a cannabis plant is hemp or marijuana. Standard police drug tests can detect the presence of THC, but cannot determine the concentration of this cannabinoid. Without this specific detail, police cannot prove whether a seized cannabis sample is actually hemp or marijuana. This unexpected consequence of hemp legalization has led Texas prosecutors to drop hundreds of minor pot possession cases.

The difficulty of proving the legality of seized cannabis is now hitting Florida. Last week, State Attorney Phil Archer issued a memo to Seminole and Brevard county cops, explaining that his office will not prosecute minor pot possession cases unless cops can provide lab results showing the exact THC concentration of the seized cannabis.

3. Want to Improve Mental Performance?
Microdose Psychedelics, Two New Studies Say

Microdosing is when someone takes incredibly small doses of a psychoactive substance, tiny enough not to hallucinate or feel intoxicated, but just enough to get some of the substance’s beneficial effects. Generally, a microdose falls between 5 to 10 percent of the so-called standard “recreational dose,” though there’s no scientific consensus on that microdose range.

What’s with the hype behind microdosing? Basically, a microdoser supposedly gets a massive cognitive boost while remaining totally functional. Silicon Valley whiz kids reportedly microdose psychedelics to help enhance their brain power. And according to the legend, Francis Crick, one of the co-discoverers of DNA’s structure, once claimed that he envisioned DNA’s double-helix shape while microdosing LSD. (That’s not entirely true, but it’s a cool story, bro.)

The Harm Reduction study looked at 278 individuals (appropriately recruited from Reddit) who claimed they had microdosed psilocybin (one of the primary psychoactive components of magic mushrooms), LSD, or a combination of the two.

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