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Terpenes and Cannabinoids – Spelling Weed Wordsearch – Latest Cannabis News Today



Do you know what sucks? Trying to learn to spell each terpene. Do you know what’s even harder than that? Spelling the various cannabinoids. There’s a lot of cannabis-related words that are really tricky to spell from memory. If you are reading this and thinking the opposite, you are both a spelling genius and mistaken. Anyone can google the correct spelling of a word but that takes effort; sometimes, that can be hard to come by, especially after smoking a good strong indica bud. Does that sound a little ridiculous and lazy? Are you having thoughts such as “put down the joint and open a book”? Before you roll your eyes, think about some of these words and how rarely they are used.

If you are into biology or like to use cannabis, myrcene, pinene, and tetrahydrocannabinol are likely terms you have heard before. Cannabis research has captured mainstream attention. Today, the average stoner isn’t about getting baked, they thirst for knowledge and want to learn the science behind the high. We read about these molecules and talk about their effects… Then again, saying caryophyllene is a lot easier than trying to spell it. Either way, the world of cannabis is getting advanced and we stoners have to level up!

Smoke something and get ready to learn!

If you can already spell each of these words from memory, you are truly one smart infused cookie! For the rest of us, don’t worry because we are all going to get there. It will take a little bit of focused intention and repetition. Writing out each word really helps… Do you see where this is heading? There is a simple and fun way to learn to spell these words and best of all, you can do it when you are baked… Time for another Weed Wordsearch and this one will teach you a skill that you’ll use. 



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