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The Benefits of Cannabis Cream (DIY Cannabis Topicals Inside!)



Many of ILGM’s customers are starting to appreciate the therapeutic benefits of marijuana as well as using it to get high.

Cannabis creams and balms made from marijuana-infused oils are perfect for soothing sore joints and muscles, relaxing at bedtime and getting to sleep.

Information about Cannabis Cream Benefits:

Using Cannabis Lotion for Pain Relief and Sleep

Cannabis-infused balms, creams, and lotions are useful to keep to hand if you suffer from aches and pains, as they have been shown to provide some relief from localized pain. As cannabis cream is applied directly to the skin, it will not get you high, so it is a good daytime alternative to taking cannabis by other methods such as smoking, edibles or vaping.  Fat based cannabis infusions are a natural, cost-effective way to help manage many symptoms.

CBD Oil for Tourette Syndrome
CBD Oil Tincture

Making cannabis coconut oil is a fairly simple process, and can be made with any strain. If you are making cannabis cream, we find that it is a great way to use all your trim, as every part of the plant including the stem and fan leaves can be used.

Cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are all soluble in fat, so if you use marijuana in oil, the cannabinoids will remain in the infused oil, even after you take out the plant material. There are many oils that can be used, so we will go through the benefits of different oils for cannabis-infused topicals.

Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a potent base for making cannabis creams and balms. Used on its own, the oil has many health and beauty benefits. It can be used as a cream but also can be ingested.

CBD Oil Defined
CBD Oil Defined

So if you make up a batch of cannabis coconut oil, you can use it for edibles as well as for cannabis cream. It is good for the skin and hair and has been linked to improving digestion and memory, although there are still more studies to be done. If possible start with unrefined coconut oil, unless you really don’t like the smell of coconut.

Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

If you enjoy cooking with olive oil, then cannabis-infused olive oil may be an option for making cannabis edibles and marijuana lotion. There are many health benefits linked to olive oil. It is high in Oleic Acid, which is an Omega-9 fatty acid that has been said to reduce inflammation and blood pressure, help fight infections and even repair damaged skin as well as other health implications.

Infused olive oil is now being seen as an alternative to cannabis-infused butter and coconut oil, and is even being seen in some cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis-infused olive oil can be used in cooking, or cannabis oil can be mixed with beeswax and shea or cocoa butter to make a topical cannabis cream or lotion.

The first step is to make the cannabis olive oil by decarboxylating the marijuana to convert the THCA to THC. This involves drying it out in the oven at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 104 degrees Celsius for 15-25 minutes until it is completely dry.

Once it is dry it can be roughly ground, then added to the olive oil and heated in a pan of water. If you don’t have a double boiler or Magical Butter extractor, ILGM recommends heating the oil and cannabis in a glass bowl inside a pan of hot water. Start off on low heat, then heat it gradually until it gets no higher than 100 degrees Celsius, which is around 210 degrees Fahrenheit, and cook for around 3 hours.

Keep stirring from time to time. Some cannabis cooks add a little bit of water to the oil mix, to stop it from burning, this is up to your personal preference. Once the cannabis-infused olive oil has been heated it needs to be strained. We recommend using a sieve and a piece of cheesecloth to filter out the oil from the plant mixture.

The finished cannabis oil can then be put in the fridge to separate the water and oil. There is some debate about what to do with the plant residue. Some cannabis cooks throw it away, while others freeze it and save it to use a second time as there may be some residual psychoactive effects. 

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How to Make Cannabis Cream or Lotion

Start by Making Cannabis Balm

  • The first step when making cannabis cream is to make a cannabis salve with your cannabis-infused coconut or olive oil.
  • We recommend using 7-10 grams of decarboxylated marijuana. You can use every part of the plant if you are using it to make creams and balms. So use the leaves too, as well as some buds.
  • While the weed is decarboxylating in the oven, you can use a double boiler or a glass bowl in a pan of water to melt 1 ½ cups of coconut oil and ⅓ cup of olive oil over a low heat, and keep stirring.
  • Once the cannabis has been taken out of the oven, mix it in with the melted oils and stir. Keep it on a very low heat.
  • After 30 minutes, gently strain the mixture through a tea towel or cheesecloth into a glass jar, and put it to the side. 

Start using your double boiler or bowl to melt ⅓ cup of beeswax (vegan option: replace with the same amount of organic soy wax, cocoa butter or shea butter). Once the beeswax starts to melt, add your cannabis-infused coconut oil.

You are free to add other ingredients such as essential oils for the scent and therapeutic qualities, and Vitamin E for it’s antioxidants and moisturizing benefits.  Once all the ingredients are blended together, you can remove them from the cooker and start moving them into containers. ILGM recommends boiling your containers first, or putting them through a dishwasher to avoid mould.

We use dark coloured glass jars, in dark blue or amber or aluminium tins to store the finished cannabis balms or creams. It then needs to be stored in a cool, dark place as light can degrade the cannabinoids in the lotion

Turning Cannabis Balm into Cannabis Cream or Lotion

 If you want to turn your cannabis salve into a luxurious cream or lotion then add 1 cup of aloe vera and 2 tablespoons of  a creamy butter such as shea or cocoa butter. You can also blend in almond oil or more Vitamin E if you think the cream is too thick.

Likewise if it is too runny, then add more beeswax. When it is ready pour it into jars or tins and store them in a cool, dark place, like you would store the cannabis balm.

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Why You Should Use Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals refers to oils, creams and lotions that have been infused with decarboxylated cannabis.

They can be used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and after exercise to soothe painful muscles. People also use them to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and to get to sleep. 

They are a safe, effective way to get the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high, so are ideal to use in day to day use. Cannabis can also be used to make lube, that will enhance any sexual encounter. Choose one of your favourite strains, or one of the strains that ILGM recommends for using when making cannabutter.

If you have any questions about making cannabis lotion, just contact ILGM for more information. Thanks for reading, and please download ILGM’s FREE Grow Bible if you want to learn more about growing cannabis.

Benefits of Cannabis Cream FAQ

Can You Cook With Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil?

Yes, cannabis coconut oil can be used for edibles as well as for cannabis cream.

Can Cannabis Cream Get You High

Cannabis cream will not get you high, which makes it a good daytime alternative to taking cannabis by other methods such as smoking, edibles or vaping.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis topicals refers to oils, creams and lotions that have been infused with decarboxylated cannabis.

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