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The Best CBD Chocolate | Out of This World Edibles by LAV CBD


Chocolate can be like expensive wine with different tastes depending on its origin and the quality of cocoa beans. Unfortunately, what consumers can find in the supermarkets in the US is chocolate made from the lowest grade quality cocoa beans that are not handpicked, not hand-selected, not grown organically, grown on a bad soil, and are sourced from all over the place in order to keep down the costs and be able to sell at retail for $1-$5. In addition, these companies add soy lecithin, palm oil, preservatives, emulsifiers into the chocolate in order to use less cocoa beans, not allowing people in America to experience the real taste of premium quality cocoa beans. When we were travelling to Europe, many companies were selling expensive watches, expensive wines, and expensive CHOCOLATES!

We have decided to change that and offer the best tasting chocolate on the planet in the US! You can try 70% or 40% dark chocolate from Organic Fair Trade cocoa beans. No preservatives. No emulsifiers. No soy lecithin. No artificial flavors. No THC. Vegan. Only 3 ingredients total in our dark chocolates.

They are organically-grown, hand-picked, sourced from single origin (Peru), and carefully selected beans to roast only the best quality cocoa. We also make sure that farmers are fairly compensated with fair trade as they are the most responsible for the main ingredient of our chocolates. Our cocoa beans, which cost 5x the market price, will make you rethink about the real taste of chocolate. In addition, we infuse them with 200mg of organically-grown full spectrum CBD from Colorado for better sleep, pain relief, anti-anxiety, and anti-pain. Don’t waste your time and calories on poor quality chocolates when you can try LAV CBD!

Available at www.lavcbd.com



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