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The Craft Making of Solventless Rosin Edibles


Rosin is being used by premier extractors all over the country for more than just dabs — just like Arcadia Brands is using rosin for premium edibles, shown here!

This is the second video in our solventless edibles series with Arcadia Brands, who operate out of Oklahoma and make some of the best edibles in the state there using rosin. The decarb process being used (while we can’t share the exact temperature) to preserve terpenes utilizes the lowest heat possible for extended periods of time to ensure the best plant profile preservation possible. If you’ve never tried a solventless edible, or are interested in making them, check out the video to see Arcadia’s philosophy on how to do it right.


Rosin can be used to make just about anything, not just dabs. At Arcadia Brands in Oklahoma, they’ve taken that mantra and built one of the most successful new cannabis businesses in the market. Arcadia is 100% solventless for every type of product they make, always strive to deliver and make rosin from organic flower, and are veteran owned.

Make sure to check out their website at https://www.arcadiabrands.com/ and follow their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/arcadia.bra


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