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The FIRST Professional Cannabis Beauty Book



This is the FIRST professional cannabis beauty book that teaches you how to make your own top quality skin care combined with the benefits of cannabis.

You will learn why you need to decarboxylate the herb before you infuse it into oil.

You will learn how to use several plant oils for infusing cannabis into.

These infusions can then be used as part of the formulation using the infused oil, water, emulsifiers, potent actives and preservatives to give you great skin care products that are effective and lasting.

You will learn how to use different emulsifiers in different ratios to obtain a range of superb creams for specific purposes.

I have done the hard work for you and will lead you through making;

  • Happy Hand Cream
  • Floaty Foot Cream
  • Mind Blowing Massage Cream
  • Blissed Out Body Butter
  • Cool Conditioner Bar
  • Lip Smacking Lip Balm
  • Rear Enders
  • Magical Massage Candle
  • Bootylicious Body Lotion
  • Sore Joints Jelly
  • Spray That Again Body Oil
  • Stir Crazy Gel

There is no specialist equipment needed. Full details instructions on how to use all the ingredients correctly and safely with links to more information on the website to easily get the correct ingredients needed.

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