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The Reality of Cannabidiol | CBD Dosing


UPDATE 4/3/18: The follow two links are follow up videos to dosing with CBD. In these videos I show recent medical journals and studies done with CBD and the reality of the potency, or lack there of, of CBD. The third link is a talk done by Ethan Russo, author of Taming THC, which is a very popular review journal in the cannabis community, in this link he even explains that CBD is a very weak molecule and a LOT of it is needed to provoke effects.


This video discusses the reality of Cannabidiol | CBD dosing in the research versus what CBD companies are “recommending” to dose.

Research is showing anywhere from 3-25 mg / kg, even in some cases as high as 120 mg / kg, yet CBD companies are “recommending” a fraction of a fraction in comparison to the research.

1 kg = 2.2 pounds. For simple math, cut your weight in half, and then multiply by that number by 3,5,10 and 25. That would be the mg dose range that most of the research I’ve found is using.

Personal Ex. 170 lbs = 77 kg x 25mg CBD = 1925 mg daily of CBD for oral consumption. On the low end of the spectrum at 3 mg / kg, that’s around 231 mg of CBD daily – which is 10-20 x the “recommended” dose that most CBD companies are putting on their labels.

There are countless articles/journals to reference the mg/kg dosing of CBD research, but this is the best summary:


My phone memory filled before I could finish the video, losing about 5 minutes at the end. Stay tuned for my 800mg dose follow up video.

CORRECTION: I made a reference regarding a study where 600mg CBD was used to determine how it modulates the intoxicating/psychotic effects of THC, showing there was no different when CBD was administered. I misunderstood the study overview and after reading the actual study found the mistake in my reference. My apologies.



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