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The run down on CBD Edible Options


These are just a few of the reasons that CBD edibles are a great choice for everyone looking to try CBD – from beginners to those familiar with CBD and its benefits. Green Wellness Life knows that you want delicious, natural, healthy, and organic edible options. We never compromise quality or effectiveness with our products. You can purchase our hemp-derived CBD edibles right from our website to ship directly to your house.

We carry a great options if you’re looking for best CBD Edibles. You can buy CBD Edibles products here – https://www.greenwellnesslife.com/product-category/cbd-edibles/

Video Transcript:

If you’ve not seen any of our videos before, my name is Brandy and I own Green Wellness Life. We are a three women operation here in West Michigan, trying to help people live healthier lives to come so let’s talk about edibles briefly.

We get lots of questions a couple of different types of edibles, one of them really can replace your daily capsule or tincture or any other method that you’re using to take in CBD on a daily basis. Anything that you’re digesting is going to work in the same fashion. So, people ask me well do I need a gummy and a capsule. No, not so much. Really, it’s one or the other, and we always tell people the best CBD is the one that you’ll actually take so, if what you’ll actually take is a gummy or a chocolate bar, you’re in luck we’ve got them.

So, we have isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum in edibles. So, we’ve got all three categories and a variety of strengths. Those three categories mean you can get full spectrum product everything in the plant in the ground ends up in your platinum and some of your products including that teeny bit of THC or broader isolate means that, that THC is gone we’ve got you covered both ways, we have some awesome full spectrum products from Charlotte’s Web therapeutic chocolates and then I’ve got lots of other gummy choices that are broad-spectrum or isolate as well. So really, all over the board chill shots are another way that you can take that CBD every day again going through to the digestive system so it’s going to function in the same capacity as that capsule or tincture raw paste any other way that you’re eating your CBD.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little faster that’s what we would consider a booster. In this case, boosters are going to absorb through your cheek, and we’ve got two different gums or a mint they’re going to get to work more quickly but an edible that you’re digesting, but they won’t last as long in your system they’re not going to bind to your lipids and keep working for you long term. The title of booster means just that getting pretty quick help you when you need it and then get back out again. So, gum and mints are an option they’re those work great in addition to an edible or a capsule or tincture any other way that you are eating your CBD daily.

I hope that this has helped give you a quick run-through of what it means to be in edible in the CBD world. We are always here if we can answer any questions for you, you can email us at support@greenwellnesslife.com give us a call at 888-772-7875 or you can reach out through social media or online chat as well, we would love to help you!

Hope you’re having a great day, thanks for watching!

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