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The Science of Medical Cannabis for Arthritis


The Science of Medical Cannabis for Arthritis
Jason J. McDougall, Ph.D
Mark A. Ware, Ph.D

Quebec Forum on Arthritis 2016

65% of Canadians taking medical cannabis are doing so to help ease the pain of arthritis. What does this mean for you? Join Dr. Jason McDougall (Dalhousie) and Dr. Mark Ware (McGill) to discuss the science and clinical practice of using medical cannabis for arthritis: what it does, how you might access it through your doctor, what some of the questions are, and how research will seek to answer those questions.

The medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids has undergone considerable study in the past 15 years in parallel with changes in regulations allowing patients to access this controversial drug. This session will provide an overview of the clinical research in cannabinoids and pain management, review clinical options for patients interested in this approach, and will conclude with a discussion around the challenges of cannabis use in patients with arthritis.



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