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Top 10 Fastest Growing Cannabis Stocks – And the ones to watch


What are the fastest growing cannabis companies? Here, I compare all of the many cannabis companies to each other to show which are the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cannabis Companies. I break down the financial information and show which are the fastest growing cannabis companies based upon quarterly revenue growth for the 1st quarter of 2021. By comparing this financial data you can see which companies are growing rapidly and which are not. There are over 350 different cannabis companies but only about 50, or so, are worthy of investment. By comparing financial data of these cannabis stocks from one company to another an investor can determine if any one cannabis stock is going to move up faster than another. I continuously analyze financial statements from cannabis stocks to show which are solid investments and which are not. In this video, I show which are the fastest growing cannabis companies for this quarter, Q1, 2021.

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I am working through some 350 different cannabis stocks to determine which cannabis stocks to buy now, which are the cannabis stocks to watch, and which cannabis stocks to avoid. I am continuously updating the information I post on my website; Cannabis Investing Newsletter. As financial information continuously updates so will what I post about each respective cannabis stock.

I am a value investor at the core and I utilize the same principles of value investing that have made Warren Buffett as wealthy as he is. I am applying these value investing techniques to cannabis stocks. As cannabis companies continue to ramp up they will provide a significant opportunity to create wealth in the stock market through investing in stocks. The stock market is one of the easiest ways to create wealth if you learn to trade stocks on the stock market.

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I offer both a free email newsletter and Premium Content on my website. I break down what a company is actually worth and whether a pot stock and if it is overvalued and will come back down. My stock analysis is based on sound fundamental analysis grounded in value investing; the same strategy as Warren Buffett. Value investing is the secret to significant wealth.



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