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Top 6 Tobacco-Free Blunt Wraps in 2021 – Latest Cannabis News Today



There’s nothing wrong with wanting things on the more natural side. More and more nowadays, people are starting to stray from tobacco-based products due to the complications they’ve been known to bring. While smoking anything, arguably, isn’t great for the lungs, there are various cleaner alternatives that your body will definitely appreciate much more. 

Today, we’re talking all about tobacco-free blunt wraps and why they’re the star of the market right now. As flavored blunt wraps slowly fade from the limelight, we’re learning why tobacco-free options may be better in each and every way. Keep reading to find our list of the top five best tobacco-free blunt wraps to smoke in 2021. 

The Downsides of Tobacco Wraps 

During your early days of smoking, turning to something like a Swisher or Backwoods to mask the taste of your herb was simply the thing to do. The clearly artificial flavors and overwhelming tastes may have worked fine for cannabis newbies, but anyone with experience in the weed world can tell you immediately that there are better options. 

Other brands like White Owl and their cigarillos are also popular blunt wraps, but, similar to Swishers and Backwoods, they contain tobacco. While this may be okay for some, many are making the switch from tobacco to a cleaner smoke, both for the sake of their health and for the sake of flavor. Even though these types of wraps are still widely popular, that hasn’t stopped their companies from adding synthetic flavors and harsh chemicals. That’s exactly why we’re looking for alternatives. 

Top 6 Best Non-Tobacco Blunt Wraps

Don’t worry. In the event that you want to avoid tobacco within your smoke, you can. The market is full of great non-tobacco blunt wraps for you to enjoy totally guilt-free. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve made a list of the top 6 best tobacco-free blunt wraps to enjoy a clean, smooth smoke in the new year. 

6. Billionaire Hemp Wraps

Billionaire Hemp Wraps take our number 6 spot on the list. These tobacco-free blunt wraps have quite a presence on Amazon, and they’re able to create a pretty pleasant smoking experience, as well. This brand offers both flavored and unflavored blunt wraps depending on your cup of tea. If you’re hoping for a more natural, clean smoke from Billionaire, definitely check out their unflavored rolls. 

Many remark that Billionaire’s Hemp Wraps are easier to roll than most. They also come in sizes that are a bit longer than your typical Juicy Jay or Swisher, giving you a longer-lasting smoke. Whether you fall in love with their Pink Lemonade or their unflavored rolls, Billionaire Hemp Wraps are a great, cost-effective option if you’d like to avoid tobacco and other harsh chemicals. 

5. Twisted Hemp Blunt Wraps

One of the most popular tobacco-free blunt wraps on the market, and sure to be popular in 2021, are Twisted’s Hemp Blunt Wraps. Twisted is a brand that most cannabis users know and love and have for years. They provide a wide variety of great-tasting flavors, along with all-natural options in case you want to enjoy the taste of hemp instead. 

You can easily find Twisted Hemp Blunt Wraps in your local smoke shop, but they’re also widely abundant on Amazon in case you want them shipped to your home. With bright aromas and nostalgic flavors, Twisted’s wraps take you back to a more simple time (like when you were hiding stashes of bud from your parents).

4. Beamer Vegan Hemp Wraps

Non-GMO, chemical-free, and non-tobacco Beamer Vegan Hemp Wraps are a plant lover’s dream. For all you vegans and vegetarians out there who have been struggling to find a high-quality blunt wrap that doesn’t use animal products, this is the brand for you. Beamer ensures that they use only the best, most natural ingredients possible to produce their wraps. 

Along with being vegan and plant-based, Beamer doesn’t use any bleach or dyes, either. Instead, they embrace the au naturale. These hemp wraps are great for fully embracing the flavors of your flower, as there’s nothing stopping it from flowing. Whether your herb is earthy, sweet, floral, or even spicy, you’ll pick up on all of its notes through Beamer’s wraps. 

3. High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps

High Hemp claims to be the world’s first entirely hemp blunt wrap. As the trailblazers for the idea, High Hemp sure knows what they’re doing in terms of their tobacco-free rolls. This company uses hemp, hemp, and more hemp to craft their blunt wraps, giving you the purest experience possible. Because of hemp’s federal legality, these wraps are safe and legal for you to roll up in every state. 

On top of having quality organic hemp wraps, High Hemp also produces blunt wraps that celebrate the accompanying CBD inside. While the wraps themselves are not infused with CBD, there are detectable amounts of the cannabidiol in the hemp that High Hemp uses in their wraps. Since hemp naturally produces high levels of CBD, why not capitalize on it? Good call, High Hemp.

2. Zig Zag Hemp Wraps

Zig Zaps are, undoubtedly, some of the most popular rolls and wraps in the country. This company has been around for decades, consistently leading the industry in terms of rolling paper popularity. Zig Zag’s Hemp Wraps, though, deserves some recognition as well. These deliciously natural wraps are made entirely of hemp, and are non-GMO and tobacco-free. While Zig Zag does have some tobacco wraps, their hemp line is as clean as it gets. 

These hemp blunt wraps are available in 3 flavors and one natural option for all you down-to-earth smokers out there. Regardless if you choose a flavored wrap or not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the clean, smooth smoke that Zig Zags are known for. 

1. King Palm Palm-Leaf Blunt Rolls

While these other wraps are good, none of them compare to the King Palm pre-rolled cones. Since the very start of their brand, King Palm has been dedicated to crafting tobacco-free, slow-burning blunt cones for the cleanest smoke possible. King Palm’s pre-rolled cones are made from special Cordia palm leaves known for aiding in a slow, even burn when smoked. These palm leaf wraps keep with the all-natural theme King Palm is known for. They do not use any artificial or unnatural additives in any products that they have, and even their famous cornhusk filters are organic and straight from the earth itself. 

Recently, King Palm has even introduced flavored cones for all you smokers who want to enhance the taste of your flower. Instead of infusing the flavor into the blunt wrap itself, like all of their competitors above, King Palm does it differently. They crafted terpene-infused flavor capsules inside the joint filter of the wrap itself! Which, by the way, comes pre-installed in the already-wrapped roll. This creates subtle, sweet flavors that are far less overwhelming than other flavored wraps. In general, King Palm’s tobacco-free blunt rolls are tough to beat. Super clean, pre-rolled, slow-burning, and with food-grade terpene blends, what more could you ask for?


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