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TOP SECRET: State’s first medicinal cannabis growing and testing centre


In a covert, country location – inside what looks like a jail we can show you a closely guarded secret.

A state-of-the-art greenhouse growing small narcotic plants, the first of its kind in NSW, that hold big healing promise.

NSW Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall MP says the plants will be available to patients to purchase.

“People whether they’re cancer sufferers or suffering epilepsy can actually purchase the plants, or purchase the product and it be the same product and the same properties and composition each and every time,” Marshall told 7 News Sydney.

This is medical cannabis, the first ever crop of taxpayer-funded cannabis.
It’s for research at this stage – to help understand the best growing techniques, standards and protocols for the sale of the drug for medical treatment down the track.

“(It’s) been around forever but it’s actually quite suprising how little actual hard research has been done on simple issues of how you cultivate,” said Dr Phil Wright.

Rather than simply hope for good quality for very sick patients – they’re researching ways to ensure consistently high quality cannabis.

“Absolutely critical … we’ve got the eyes of not only Australia, but a large part of the world, watching what we do here,” said Marshall.

Controls over the environment in this greenhouse are very specific – the temperature, humidity, lighting, water and fertiliser levels can all be manipulated and tracked to work out the best conditions, tested on 8 different varieties of cannabis.

“The closest a lot of people have got to these plants is watching them go up in smoke when the police obviously raid facilities and confiscate plants,” said Marshall.

Leaving nothing to chance, both local police and detectives from the NSW drug squad have been intimately involved with the project and know all the ins-and-outs to protect the factory from be targeted by criminals.

This trial will go for several years. These plants to be used to produce other plants which will go to flower and be harvested for testing later this year.





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