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Twisted Extracts | Twisted Extracts Review | Twisted Extracts 80 mg Edibles | THC vs CBD | ZZZ Bomb


Twisted Extracts Edibles. Twisted Extracts Product review of Indica and Sativa strain edibles in 80 mg packs from https://cannamedicsonline.com

I recommend the sativa 80mg THC if you are doing something. For example, while I do my SEO work on the computer, I prefer the Sativa. It doesn’t make me drowsy as much as Indica.

I recommend the Indica if you’re dealing with back pain for example. The Indica Blueberry pack I ordered is 40mg THC with 40 mg CBD. It helps disconnecting your pain sensors and the day much easier to handle but could make you sleepy if you were to use too much.

You can cut it into 8 pieces of 10 mg. 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD per small piece on the Indica.

Compared to 8 pieces of 10 mg THC for the Orange flavoured Sativa.

I received my Cannamedics order a day ahead of time and I really appreciate the samples they included. Good weed samples.

Now what would happen if you were to take a whole half Lego piece? I know that the Sativa would do you in for a good 6 hours. And it’s an intense body high. Not quite the same as smoking a joint at all.

Sample will 1 piece then 2 or 3. Test your tolerance to it. It may not be what you expect and it will sure do something.

I also gave a piece of the Indica with the CBD in it to see if it can help with what seems to be permanent back pain this month. Also tense around shoulders and neck and waking up with headaches. A bad one this morning. Tylenol helped the headache but not the soreness. We’ll see what it does.

Two hours have passed and I feel pretty mellow body wise. Like relaxed. But I don’t feel a high. That was one piece for me. As for my friend, she went to bed. Felt like she should fall asleep fairly fast and was feeling relaxed as well. Not as much as she wanted. So we’ll both try 2 pieces next time. Try it slowly. We all get affected differently.

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